Psychic Abilities & UFO Disclosure

Psychic Abilities & UFO Disclosure


HostArt Bell

Famed psychic Sylvia Browne joined Art in hours 2-3. She believes that psychic ability is inherited through the genes. She decried the psychic hotline industry, and said it was not legit. If someone could tell you which lotto numbers to pick, why are they not winning themselves? she pondered.

Browne attributes her psychic abilities to God, and said the dream state is the time for self prophecy. She suggested that in a past life, Art was paralyzed – which explains his current back pain. She recalled when she was 19, and had a moment where the light was too strong – she had too much information coming to her too fast – she was bombarded by it. Eventually, she learned how to mentally turn down the "noise," because if she didn't, it would have driven her crazy, she revealed. Browne advocated for an open kind of spirituality for all.

Dr. Steven Greer, founder and Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project was the guest in hour 1. Greer is widely regarded as an authority on UFOs and ETs. CSETI contacted and filmed scores of government witnesses to UFO events and projects, and he said people in the military were taking his information very seriously. They were astonished by the 600+ pages of transcripts from military people and their sightings of UFOs, he reported.

Greer also talked about an event where ballistic missiles were made unable to launch when a series of UFOs were seen by high-level military personnel. He believes it was a demonstration by ETs that they did not want us going down the road of having weapons of mass destruction. He also stated that a member of Congress told him that there is a secret group that runs not only the US but the world.

News and Open Lines were featured in the last hour.