The Return of Mel's Hole

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The Return of Mel's Hole

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Mel Waters returned with an update on the "bottomless hole" on his property. Mel said he lowered a fishing line into the hole to about 80,000 feet without hitting the bottom. He claimed the hole also exhibited some paranormal aspects. Animals would never go near it, and a man threw a dead dog in, and said he saw this same dog later walking in the woods. Mel also swore he found Roosevelt dimes on his property before FDR died.

Immediately after Mel's first appearance on Coast to Coast, he said the government came in and told him there was a plane crash on his property, and offered to lease his land for $3 million a year, which Mel accepted. He said satellite images showed a white box around his property, so no one could investigate further. He went to Australia to live an easy life but came back in December of 1999, whereupon he claimed he was abducted, beaten up, and found himself in a seedy part of San Francisco 12 days later. He lost most of his money after trying to access the funds.

He described a second hole that he was investigating. They tried lowering a sheep into the hole, and when it hit bottom, they felt a vibration. When they got the sheep back up to the surface, the sheep was dead. The sheep was cut open, and Mel said he found a tumor that looked like a "small seal with flippers" but with human eyes. Mel felt this was like a religious experience.

The first hour of the show featured news and Open Lines with such topics as the "Axis of Evil," a satellite falling to Earth, and car wrecks.

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