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War Technology & Physics

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With war in Iraq looming, Prof. Michio Kaku talked about the possibility of war. He quoted Winston Churchill about how we need to know why were are going to war, and stated that it was really all about oil. Kaku said we needed to wean ourselves away from oil, because it puts us in bed with dictators. The US should start a national program to get into a solar/hydrogen economy, he said, but noted that Bush's whole family tree comes from oil money.

Massive instability around the world will eventually lead us into a new economy, he said. Kaku also discussed the high-tech toys we could use in this war. Kaku explained the concept of gravity in a variety of theories, as well as space satellites that have tested Einstein's theory of General Relativity. He also talked about negative matter and how it could control a time machine.

The first hour featured news and calls about the possibility of America going to war with Iraq.

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