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Creatures, Myths & Legends

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Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Michigan?

21 hours ago

A perplexing piece of footage circulating online purportedly shows the legendary Bigfoot lurking in a Michigan forest.

Coast Insider Live Chat with Linda Godfrey

Feb 19, 2018

This Wednesday night, investigator of strange creatures Linda Godfrey will be our chat guest.

Texas City Claims Bigfoot Title

Feb 19, 2018

In keeping with what has become something of a strange trend in recent years, a city in Texas has declared themselves the state's Bigfoot capital.

Washington State Sasquatch Bills Bogged Down by Bureaucracy

Feb 8, 2018

For the second straight year, a bill which would have recognized Sasquatch as Washington state's official crypid will not come to pass.

Bizarre Mystery Creature Found Dead on Beach in Australia

Feb 7, 2018

The puzzling remains of an unidentified sea creature were discovered on the shore of an Australian beach over the weekend by a woman walking her dog

Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

Feb 6, 2018

The Alaskan city of Juneau is buzzing after a resident reported what can best be described as a 'thunderbird' soaring through the sky.

Cryptid Proof Could Net Huge Prize

Jan 29, 2018

A monstrous reward is being offered by a video game company to anyone who can provide proof for the existence of various legendary cryptids from around the world.

Sasquatch License Plate Proposed in Washington State

Jan 24, 2018

Bigfoot fans in Washington state may soon be able to put their appreciation for the creature towards a good cause by way of a special Sasquatch license plate to benefit park maintenance.

Sasquatch Researchers Sue State of California to Prove Bigfoot Exists!

Jan 22, 2018

A Canadian Sasquatch researcher currently suing the province of British Columbia is bringing his case to California by way of another lawsuit filed last week.

Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Canada?

Jan 17, 2018

A mesmerizing piece of footage from Canada appears to show some kind of large creature lurking in a forest and many suspect that the beast is Bigfoot!

'River Monster' Spotted in Germany

Jan 15, 2018

A man walking along the Elbe River in Germany was astounded when he spotted a large, snake-like creature emerge from the water.

Witch Doctor Finds 'Mystery Creature' Under Bridge in Kenya

Jan 11, 2018

In a bizarre story out of Kenya, a self-described medicine man purportedly thwarted a mysterious creature said to be the cause of numerous car accidents on an infamous bridge.

Watch: Odd 'Lake Monster' Filmed in Albania

Jan 3, 2018

A puzzling piece of footage from Albania seems to show some kind of creature emerging from a lake that just so happens to have a history of 'monster' sightings.

C2C's 10 Craziest Creature & Entity Sightings of 2017

Dec 29, 2017

Existing in a realm beyond Bigfoot, UFOs, and ghosts are the truly mystifying wonders that leave one scratching their head and asking what exactly it is that they just saw.

Shark Spotted in Lake Michigan?

Dec 27, 2017

A stroll along the shore of Lake Michigan over the holiday weekend turned into a head-scratching situation for a woman who suspects she may have spotted a shark!

C2C's Best Bigfoot Stories of 2017

Dec 27, 2017

2017 proved to be another busy year for Bigfoot with the iconic cryptid appearing in the headlines on numerous occasions.

Follow Santa's Journey via NORAD

Dec 24, 2017

Unlike every other day of the year, Christmas Eve is the one time that the tables turn and Santa himself is the one being watched.

Cops 'Bust' Abominable Snowman

Dec 22, 2017

Authorities in the Oregon city of St. Helens made a rather high profile 'arrest' earlier this week when they nabbed the Abominable Snowman as he was driving under the influence.

Frozen Bigfoot Head Unveiled?

Dec 13, 2017

A man who claims that his father killed and subsequently froze a Bigfoot back in 1953 has unveiled what he says is the head of the famed cryptid.

Legendary Australian 'River Monster' Spotted?

Dec 12, 2017

A fishing trip in Australia turned into a head-scratching experience for a family who caught a glimpse of a mysterious creature lurking in the water that may have been a 'monster' said to call the river home.

Thylacine DNA Study Could Lead to a Tasmanian Tiger Revival

Dec 11, 2017

The legendary Tasmanian Tiger may have literally been given a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of scientists who have successfully mapped the creatures genome.

Giant Bigfoot Statue Unveiled in NY

Dec 7, 2017

A town in New York state with an affinity for Bigfoot now boasts a monstrous tribute to the famed cryptid by way of a massive Sasquatch statue.

Trinidad 'Pond Monster' Unmasked

Dec 5, 2017

A mysterious creature that struck fear in the hearts of fisherman in Trinidad for nearly a year has finally been identified as merely being a bizarre-looking bird.

DNA Study Debunks the Yeti?

Nov 29, 2017

A study of purported Yeti samples from the Himalayas indicates that the legendary creature may be, rather than something abominable, merely just a bear.

Nebraska Woman Reports Sasquatch Sighting to State Police

Nov 28, 2017

Authorities in Nebraska received a rather unusual call over the weekend when a woman phoned state police to report a Bigfoot sighting.

Knapp's News 11/26/17

Nov 26, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Nessie Spotted on Webcam by Viewer in America?

Nov 21, 2017

In what has already been a landmark year, another Nessie sighting has been added to the 2017 tally thanks to an eagle-eyed observer in, of all places, America.

Nessie Reports Hit High Water Mark

Nov 13, 2017

Thanks to a nine-year-old boy's quest to spot Nessie, 2017 now stands as the best year for sightings of the creature this century.

Researcher Eyes 'Nessie' for Sale

Nov 6, 2017

A Loch Ness Monster researcher hopes to raise enough funds to purchase an ancient plesiosaur skeleton to display at the famed tourist destination.

Bigfoot Researcher Sues Canadian Government for Ignoring Sasquatch

Oct 27, 2017

A Sasquatch researcher in Canada has filed a civil lawsuit against the province of British Columbia claiming that the government has failed in their duty to protect Bigfoot!

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