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Video: Flag 'Braided by Sasquatch' Showcased at Nebraska Bigfoot Museumpicture

Video: Flag 'Braided by Sasquatch' Showcased at Nebraska Bigfoot Museum

An American flag discovered mysteriously damaged over Memorial Day weekend in Nebraska is now being showcased at a Bigfoot Museum which suspects that Sasquatch was to blame for the strange incident.

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Bigfoot Researcher in Alabama Arrested for Attempted Murder

In a troubling story out of Alabama, a Bigfoot researcher has been arrested for attempted murder after allegedly shooting at a sleeping man.

Strange Sculpture Sparks 'Alien Creature' Rumors on Social...

Social media users in India have been inundated with a viral warning about a mysterious and bizarre-looking creature that is actually just a really weird sculpture.

Bigfoot Bandits Strike Again, Swipe Sheet Metal Sasquatch in Minnesota

Authorities in Minnesota say that a sizeable Sasquatch replica is the latest depiction of the legendary cryptid to fall victim to Bigfoot bandits.

Tourist Photographs Loch Ness Monster?

A tourist who recently visited Loch Ness suspects that he may have snapped a photo showing the site's legendary monster.

Watch: 'Shadow Creature' Filmed in Maine

A curious piece of dashcam footage from a motorist in Maine appears to show some kind of shadow creature dart across a road.

Newfound Tasmanian Tiger Pelt Provides Fresh Insights on...

An extremely rare pelt from a Tasmanian Tiger that was only recently discovered a few years ago has provided scientists with new insights into the extinct creature.

Goblins Terrify Cops in Zimbabwe

A pair of police officers searching a man's house in Zimbabwe fled the scene after allegedly discovering goblins that were hiding in a suitcase.

Video: American Flag Destroyed by Bigfoot?

A Bigfoot researcher in Nebraska believes that the famed cryptid may have been behind a mysterious incident in which an American flag at a cemetery wound up inexplicably destroyed.

Odd Creature Sighting Reported in Ohio

Police in Ohio responded to a rather curious call this week from a person claiming to have spotted a small bipedal creature lurking in a state park.

Study Suggests Tasmanian Tiger Was Smaller Than Suspected

An intriguing new study looking at the remains of Tasmanian Tigers indicates that the now-extinct creature was likely considerably smaller than scientists previously believed.

Watch: 'Mystery Creature' Filmed in Iceland

An Icelandic musician captured footage of what appears to be a mysterious creature lurking on the side of a cliff.

Bigfoot Enlisted to Sell Home in Texas

Bigfoot has once again been called into action by a real estate agent hoping to garner some attention for a home that is up for sale.

Where's Willis Update 8/14/20

Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk had some creepy things happen on a recent expedition to a hotspot deep in the Rocky Mountains.

Video: Store in Oregon Acquires Enormous Sasquatch Statue

Motorists passing by a store in Oregon may be forgiven for doing a double take due to a fantastic piece of artwork recently installed in front of the establishment: an enormous Sasquatch statue.

First On-Site Nessie Sighting of 2020 Recorded

For the first time this year, the legendary monster of Loch Ness may have been spotted by someone actually at the iconic location in Scotland.

Top States for Bigfoot Sightings Revealed

An enlightening study of reported Sasquatch sightings determined which states rank among the best places to possibly see a Bigfoot.

Police Responding to Big Cat Report Discover Stuffed Animal

Authorities in England on the hunt for what they believed was a big cat spotted in a small town wound up discovering that the 'monstrous predator' was actually just a stuffed animal.

Video: Bizarre Bigfoot Encounter Reported in New York's Hudson Valley

In a strange case out of New York's Hudson Valley region, a woman claims to have had an unsettling encounter with an aggressive Bigfoot.

'Kraken' Picked for New NHL Team Name

To the delight of cryptozoology enthusiasts around the world, a forthcoming National Hockey League expansion team in Seattle has been named after the legendary sea monster the Kraken.

British Teenager Fakes Bigfoot Sighting

A clever teenage girl in England has taken credit for a fake Bigfoot video that was apparently so convincing that some people were certain that she had captured Sasquatch on film.

Bigfoot Print Found in Utah?

A hiker exploring a forested area of Utah last month stumbled upon a sizeable impression in the dirt that he suspects could have been left behind by Bigfoot.

Fish with Human-Like Mouth Goes Viral

The latest strange creature to garner viral attention via Twitter is a fish with a human-like mouth and teeth. Twitter user Raff Nasir shared images of the oddity earlier this month. Subsequently, the Rakyat Post in Malaysia weighed in to...

Watch: Odd 'Alien Lizard' Goes Viral

A bizarre piece of footage making the rounds online shows what appears to be some kind of lizard-like creature that sports long human-like arms.

Watch: 'Lake Monster' Filmed in China

An odd piece of footage from China appears to show some kind of sizeable mystery creature lurking in a pond.

Bigfoot Bandits Strike Again, Steal Sasquatch Statue in Oregon

A family in Oregon are the latest victims of proverbial Bigfoot bandits after a beloved Sasquatch statue was snatched from their yard by sticky-fingered ne'er-do-wells last week.

Yowie Researcher Recounts Unsettling Creature Encounter

A longtime Yowie researcher claims to have had a close encounter with the creature that left him deeply unsettled.

Video: American Webcam Viewer Records Lengthy Nessie Sighting?

An Oregon woman watching the Loch Ness webcam recorded a rather remarkable incident in which a anomalous form can be seen swimming across the water over the course of approximately ten minutes.

A Giant Wombat-Like Creature Once Roamed the Earth

A giant creature similar to a wombat once roamed the earth millions of years ago, scientists just announced. The newly discovered marsupial, given the name of Mukupirna, was the size of a black bear and weighed over 300 pounds. Such a creature...

Watch: Creepy 'Mystery Creature' Encountered in Polish Forest

An unnerving piece of footage purportedly filmed in a Polish forest appears to show a man's terrifying encounter with some kind of mystery creature.


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