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Ghost Hunters Stumble Upon Human Skullpicture

Ghost Hunters Stumble Upon Human Skull

A pair of ghost hunters discovered a human skull while on an investigation in England and actually posted a YouTube video wherein they show the moment that they made the gruesome find.

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New Jersey Man Arrested for Allegedly Vandalizing America's Stonehenge

New Jersey Man Arrested for Allegedly Vandalizing America's Stonehengepicture

Authorities in New Hampshire have arrested a New Jersey man for allegedly vandalizing the popular tourist attraction and possible ancient ruins known as America's Stonehenge.

Driver Caught Using Carpool Lane with Eerily Realistic...

Driver Caught Using Carpool Lane with Eerily Realistic Mannequin Riding Shotgunpicture

Authorities in California couldn't help but marvel at the length one motorist went to in order to use the carpool lane when the driver was caught with an incredibly realistic mannequin riding shotgun.

Snowbound Man Confesses to Fake Murder Hoping Police Will Plow His Road

Snowbound Man Confesses to Fake Murder Hoping Police Will Plow His Roadpicture

With the road outside his home having not been cleared for days following a huge snowstorm, a housebound Ukrainian man came up with an audacious plan to rectify the problem: confess to a fake murder so that police would have to plow his street in...

Bigfoot Bandits Strike Again, Swipe Sasquatch Statue in North Carolina

Sticky-fingered ne'er-do-wells in North Carolina stole a Sasquatch statue from outside of a residence and authorities are asking the public for help in tracking down the pilfered piece as well as the Bigfoot bandits responsible for its disappearance.

'Dead Body' Discovered by Dutch Police Revealed to be Realistic Snowman

Cops in the Netherlands breathed a sigh of relief earlier this week when a 'dead body' that they had discovered in a park turned out to be just a realistic-looking snowman.

Cops in Pennsylvania Spot 'Sasquatch'

Police officers on an overnight patrol in a Pennsylvania town thought for a moment that they had stumbled upon a Sasquatch until they realized that it was merely a clever trick of light and shadow.

Texas Authorities Accidentally Issue Amber Alert Featuring...

Texas Authorities Accidentally Issue Amber Alert Featuring 'Chucky' Dollpicture

Authorities in Texas caused quite a bit of confusion last week after their Amber Alert system sent out multiple bizarre announcements asking residents to be on the lookout for the villainous doll Chucky from the Child's Play movie franchise.

Twisted Telemarketer Targets Ohio Man

An Ohio man who lost his temper with a telemarketer wound up regretting it shortly thereafter when the person calling his house subsequently phoned the police pretending to be him confessing to a murder!

Cops in England Bust Group Making Late-Night Visit to Stonehenge

A group of people in England found themselves in hot water with the law when they defied the country's coronavirus lockdown in order to make a late-night visit to Stonehenge.

Flight Attendant from D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Revisits Infamous Caper

A flight attendant who played a key role in the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has granted a rare interview in which she revisits the infamous event.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Pleads Guilty to Digging at Yellowstone...

Fenn Treasure Hunter Pleads Guilty to Digging at Yellowstone National Parkpicture

A treasure hunter who was charged with illegally digging at Yellowstone National Park may face jail time after pleading guilty to the allegations surrounding his ill-fated quest for riches.

Lizzie Borden 'Murder House' for Sale

The site of an infamous double axe murder that captured the country's attention in the late 1800s has gone on the market in Massachusetts.

Misidentified Potato Sparks Search for 'Human Remains' in England

A police department in England got quite the laugh when they received a worrisome report about possible human remains being discovered and, upon searching for the suspected body, found a potato.

Grave Robbers Busted in Florida

Authorities in Florida have arrested a pair of men who allegedly stole several skulls from a graveyard for the purposes of religious rituals.

South Carolina Teens Exploring 'Haunted' House Stumble Upon...

A group of teenagers in South Carolina got quite the scare when they were exploring an allegedly haunted house and wound up discovering a dead body in a freezer.

Cops in Pakistan Bust 'Werewolf'

Cops in Pakistan Bust 'Werewolf'picture

A young man in Pakistan found himself at the center of an odd controversy after cops arrested him for prowling the streets of a city on New Year's Eve while dressed as a werewolf.

C2C's Bizarre Blotter for 2020

While one might think that the various lockdowns and travel restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic would cause a downturn in strange and unusual crimes, never underestimate the capacity for ne'er-do-wells, miscreants, and bored...

Cheetah Report in Oregon Leads Police to Stuffed Animal

Cheetah Report in Oregon Leads Police to Stuffed Animalpicture

A police officer in Oregon thought he was responding to a call about a potentially dangerous big cat that had wandered perilously close to civilization until he realized the 'ferocious feline' was actually a clever prank.

Wisconsin Cops Stop Car Covered in Christmas Lights

Wisconsin Cops Stop Car Covered in Christmas Lightspicture

Cops in Wisconsin stopped a driver who was displaying a bit too much holiday spirit by way of a rather lengthy string of Christmas lights that covered his car.

Coded Message From Serial Killer Solved

The solution to a 51 year-old mystery surrounding a message from a notorious serial killer is revealed.

Yellowstone Visitor Caught Cooking Chicken in Thermal Spring

An Idaho man has been banned from visiting Yellowstone National Park for the next two years after rangers caught him cooking a chicken in the site's famed thermal springs.

Cop Stops Car with Snowmobile on Roof

A state trooper in Wisconsin made a rather unusual stop this weekend when he pulled over a car that sported a snowmobile strapped sideways to its roof.

Con Artists in India Sell 'Wish-Granting' Lamp to Doctor for $41,600

Con Artists in India Sell 'Wish-Granting' Lamp to Doctor for $41,600picture

Authorities in India have arrested a pair of con artists who convinced a doctor to buy a 'wish-granting' lamp from them for a whopping $41,600.

Video: Cops in Texas Encounter Bizarre 'Creature'

Responding to reports of a giant mystery creature roaming the streets, a pair of police officers in Texas tracked down the 'monster' which turned out to be a man in a bizarre Halloween costume.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Charged with Digging in Yellowstone National Park

While the search for the Fenn Treasure may have come to an end months ago, the saga continues to provide strange and unusual developments as a Utah man has been indicted by the federal government for what they say was an ill-advised and felonious...

Remote Control Car Spotted Speeding Down Highway Flummoxes Finnish Cops

Authorities in Finland were left scratching their heads after a traffic camera photographed a remote control car speeding down a highway at over forty miles-per-hour.

Monkey Menaces Tennessee Community

A strange controversy has erupted in a Tennessee community after residents alerted authorities to what they say is a menacing pet monkey roaming the streets.

Man Accused of Vandalizing Cemetery in Attempt to Resurrect...

Man Accused of Vandalizing Cemetery in Attempt to Resurrect His Grandmotherpicture

A Tennessee man is accused of causing a staggering $30,000 in damage to a cemetery in what he told police was a bid to resurrect his late grandmother.

Group of Chanting Clowns Terrifies Tennis Players in North Dakota

A mother in North Dakota is sounding the alarm about creepy clowns after a terrifying encounter with the haunting harlequins this past weekend.


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