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Mystery Monolith in Utah Located on Google Earth and May Be Removedpicture

Mystery Monolith in Utah Located on Google Earth and May Be Removed

In a pair of developments surrounding the mysterious monolith found in the Utah desert, online sleuths have managed to located the odd object on Google Earth and officials in the state say that it may not be around much longer because it is...

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Mysterious Monolith Appears in Utah

A helicopter survey of big horn sheep living in the wilderness of Utah led to the unexpected discovery of a mysterious monolith which had suddenly appeared planted in the ground.

Knapp's News 11/21/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an article about an ancient Egyptian temple with inscriptions of unknown constellations, a report on decommissioning the Arecibo radio dish, and George's own investigation...

Elizabeth Eagle Orb Photos

Elizabeth Eagle, guest on the 11/19/20 show, shares a selection of orb photographs.

Knapp's News 11/15/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including an article about how scientists fired lasers at a nebula to learn more about it.

Watch: Bizarre Burning 'Mystery Object' Crashes in Dominican Republic

A puzzling piece of footage circulating online shows a massive mysterious object that crashed to the ground in the Dominican Republic.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Charged with Digging in Yellowstone National Park

While the search for the Fenn Treasure may have come to an end months ago, the saga continues to provide strange and unusual developments as a Utah man has been indicted by the federal government for what they say was an ill-advised and felonious...

Video Trailer: America Before

Guest on the 10/21/20 show, Graham Hancock, shares a trailer for his book America Before.

Jetpack Flier Spotted Near LAX Again

The mysterious case of an individual spotted flying a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport has deepened considerably following a second sighting of an unidentified flying person in the sky over LAX.

Cattle Mutilations Reported in Oklahoma

A pair of calves in Oklahoma are the latest victims of the mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon and their owner is understandably outraged by their bizarre demise.

Newly Discovered Sunken Nazi Ship May Contain Legendary Lost Amber Room

A surprising new setting in the longstanding search for the legendary lost Amber Room has emerged as divers exploring a recently discovered sunken Nazi ship say that it could contain the elusive treasure.

Cattle Mutilations in Oregon Continue

The mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon continues to vex ranchers in Oregon as three more curious cases have now been reported.

Fenn Treasure Finder Breaks Silence

An individual who appears to have been the person that found Forrest Fenn's legendary treasure has broken their silence and shared details about the remarkable experience.

Intriguing Experiment Aims to Recreate Amelia Earhart Distress Calls

An intriguing new experiment centered around the final distress calls of Amelia Earhart may provide new insights into where the lost aviatrix ultimately met her fate.

'Unidentified Forest Object' Found in Polish Wilderness

A man exploring a forest in Poland came upon a rather puzzling sight in the form of a mysterious object that some have likened a downed UFO.

George Haas Images 9/10/20

In tandem with the 9/10/20 show, George Haas shares images of Martian anomalies.

Treasure Hunt Creator Forrest Fenn Dies

Art dealer and author Forrest Fenn, who famously created a decade-long treasure hunt that grew to near-mythic proportions, has passed away at the age of 90.

Thomas Ferrario Images of Anomalies

Guest on the 9/2/20 show, Thomas Ferrario shares images of anomalies from Marley Woods and other locations.

Mysterious Disc Pulled from River in Ohio

Workers participating in an annual clean-up project at a river in Ohio were left scratching their heads when they pulled a puzzling disc-shaped object from the water.

Video: Pilots Report Seeing 'Guy in Jetpack' Flying Near LAX

In a bizarre story out of Los Angeles, the pilot of a jet coming in for a landing at LAX reported seeing a person in a jetpack flying alongside their aircraft.

LA Marzulli Trailer & Photos 8/19/20

Guest on the 8/19/20 show, LA Marzulli shares a video trailer and images in tandem with his appearance.

'Coral Castle' in Fortnite Sparks Lawsuit

The owners of the mysterious Florida landmark Coral Castle are reportedly suing the makers of the wildly popular video game Fortnite after they introduced a realm in the game with the same name as the tourist attraction.

Lost Colony of Roanoke Mystery Solved?

The centuries-old mystery surrounding the infamous lost colony of Roanoke may have finally been solved at last.

Video: Crop Circle Created Around Tree

One of the more unique crop circles to appear in quite some time was recently spotted in England and features a tree at the center of the design.

Odd Cattle Mutilation Reported in Oregon

Authorities in Oregon are investigating a rather curious cattle mutilation case in which the perpetrator may have left behind a critical clue.

Video: Commercial Crop Circles Created in Kansas and New York

Putting a decidedly American spin on an icon of high strangeness, a pair of crop formations created at the behest of companies looking to promote their products recently popped up in both Kansas and New York.

Infamous Windsor Hum Silenced at Last?

An infamous humming sound that plagued residents of a Canadian city for the past decade has seemingly ceased after a steel plant believed to be the source of the noise scaled back operations.

Forrest Fenn Reveals His Treasure Was Hidden in Wyoming

Treasure hunters still smarting over the unsatisfying conclusion to the search for Forrest Fenn's riches received something of a respite last week when the eccentric art dealer revealed that the cache of gold and jewels had been hidden in the...

Possible Cattle Mutilation Reported in England

A paranormal investigator in England suspects that a calf which recently died under mysterious circumstances may have been a victim of the cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Video: Shuttered Jewelry Store Turns Remaining Inventory into...

The owner of a recently closed jewelry store in Michigan came up with an ingenious idea for what to do with the remaining inventory: turn it into a state-wide treasure hunt.


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