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New Search for Lost Nazi Treasure to Commence in Poland Next Weekpicture

New Search for Lost Nazi Treasure to Commence in Poland Next Week

A promising new search for what is believed to be a massive cache of riches that were pilfered by the Nazis during World War II is set to commence in Poland next week.

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Robert Morningstar Images 4/26/21

In tandem with his 4/26/21 show appearance, Robert Morningstar shares a set of related images and captions.

Video: Treasure Hunter Finds $46,000 Hidden in Massachusetts Home

A treasure hunter out of Connecticut is taking a well-deserved victory lap after locating a sizeable sum of cash that had been hidden in a Massachusetts home.

'Phantom Lumberjack' Now Blamed for Nearly 50 Downed Trees in England

Following a brief pause wherein it appeared that their reign of terror had come to an end, a proverbial phantom lumberjack in England has resumed their strange spree and is now believed to be responsible for taking down nearly 50 trees in the...

Mysterious Series of Cattle Mutilations in Oregon Continue to...

New details have emerged concerning a series of mysterious cattle mutilations that occurred in Oregon earlier this year and have left authorities scratching their heads.

Watch: Ghost Child Filmed on Australian Highway?

An eerie piece of dashcam footage from Australia shows what appears to be a diminutive figure standing on a freeway at night and some people suspect that the mysterious form could have been a ghost child.

Watch: Security Camera Films 'Baby Dinosaur' Dashing Past Florida Home

A woman in Florida believes that her home security system captured footage of a baby dinosaur dashing through her yard.

Video: Mysterious 19th Century Tunnel Discovered Under...

A farmer in Illinois was left scratching his head when he discovered a mysterious tunnel on his property that historians say likely dates back to the 19th century.

Unsuspecting Grandmother in Black Coat Mistaken for 'Plague...

A grandmother in Scotland was inadvertently swept up in the phantom plague doctor craze that has gripped the United Kingdom when a bewildered witness mistook her for one of the menacing strangers due to her long black coat.

Cops Hunt for 'Phantom Lumberjack' Responsible for 30 Downed Trees

Police in England say that a proverbial phantom lumberjack is responsible for cutting down a staggering number of trees in the dead of night.

Watch: Mystery Creature Spotted in Background of British Morning Show

Viewers of a British morning show were taken aback when they spotted a mystery creature roaming around in the background of an on-location segment.

Oregon Authorities Investigating Another Series of Mysterious...

Authorities in Oregon are investigating yet another series of mysterious cattle mutilations that have been plaguing the state for the last few years in what might best be described as a slowly unfolding flap.

Video: Researchers Unravel Mystery of Antikythera Mechanism's...

A team of researchers in England believe they may have unraveled the mystery surrounding how the 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera Mechanism functioned and could soon have a working model of the device for demonstration.

Mike Paterson Sasquatch Ontario Images

For his 3/14/2021 show appearance, Mike Paterson shares photos from his Sasquatch investigations in Ontario, Canada. View related video here.

Video: Stuffed Three-Headed Duckling Mysteriously Sent to Canadian Man

A Canadian man was understandably bewildered when he received a mysterious package in the mail containing a taxidermic duckling that sports three heads.

Treasure Hunters Press FBI for Answers on Suspicious Pennsylvania Dig

In the latest twist in a rather contentious legal battle between a father-and-son treasure hunting team and the federal government, emails obtained by the duo seemingly strengthen their argument that the FBI secretly recovered a long-lost horde...

Eerie 'Figure' Filmed in Swedish Forest

A puzzling piece of footage filmed in a Swedish forest appears to show some kind of figure briefly pop out from behind a tree before disappearing from view.

Bartholomew Images 3/8/21

In tandem with his appearance on the 3/8/21 show, Paul Bartholomew shares related images.

New Lego Set Celebrates Amelia Earhart

In honor of International Women's Day, Lego has released a new set celebrating pioneering pilot Amelia Earhart and her historic 1932 solo transatlantic flight.

Family in Zimbabwe Tormented by Mysterious Invisible Stone Thrower

A family in Zimbabwe say that their lives have been torn asunder by a mysterious invisible force that keeps pelting their home with stones.

Mob in Congo Destroys 'Mystery Monolith'

A 'mystery monolith' that appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend wound up causing such a stir that an angry mob actually swarmed the piece and destroyed it.

Tour Group Visiting Dyatlov Pass Sparks Panic After Going...

A well-intentioned journey to Russia's Dyatlov Pass honoring the hikers who perished at the site inadvertently sparked a small panic this week when the group of tourists taking part in the excursion went missing for hours and conjured concerns...

Video: Nuclear Scientists to Examine Potential Earhart...

A pair of nuclear scientists in Pennsylvania is applying their expertise to a piece of metal that may have come from Amelia Earhart's doomed aircraft in an attempt to glean new insights into the legendary pilot's disappearance.

Turkish 'Mystery Monolith' Revealed to be Government-Sponsored...

The mystery surrounding a monolith discovered in Turkey near the famed ancient site Gobekli Tepe has proven to be rather short-lived as it was revealed today that the piece was a government-sponsored publicity stunt connected to the announcement...

Watch: 'Mystery Monolith' Appears in Turkey Near Famed Gobekli...

Suggesting that the 'monolith madness' which gripped the globe late last year is not quite over yet, a rather sizeable new piece recently appeared in Turkey near the famed ancient site Gobekli Tepe.

Curious Cross Unearthed at Kenyan Market

A renovation project at a marketplace in Kenya came to a sudden stop when workers unearthed a rather curious concrete cross.

Video: Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered...

In what may be disappointing news to those who advocate for a more exotic explanation, an intriguing new scientific examination of the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident supports the theory that the tragic event was the result of an avalanche.

Library Puzzled by Baked Potato Mystery

The staff of a library in Massachusetts are asking the public for help in solving a strange mystery centered around, of all things, baked potatoes.

Flight Attendant from D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Revisits Infamous Caper

A flight attendant who played a key role in the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has granted a rare interview in which she revisits the infamous event.

Sword Stolen 40 Years Ago Gets Returned

A sizeable bronze sword that had been stolen forty years from a statue in a Massachusetts city was finally returned this week by the remorseful man who took it when he was a college student.


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