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Family in Zimbabwe Tormented by Mysterious Invisible Stone Throwerpicture

Family in Zimbabwe Tormented by Mysterious Invisible Stone Thrower

A family in Zimbabwe say that their lives have been torn asunder by a mysterious invisible force that keeps pelting their home with stones.

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Mob in Congo Destroys 'Mystery Monolith'

A 'mystery monolith' that appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend wound up causing such a stir that an angry mob actually swarmed the piece and destroyed it.

Tour Group Visiting Dyatlov Pass Sparks Panic After Going...

A well-intentioned journey to Russia's Dyatlov Pass honoring the hikers who perished at the site inadvertently sparked a small panic this week when the group of tourists taking part in the excursion went missing for hours and conjured concerns...

Video: Nuclear Scientists to Examine Potential Earhart...

A pair of nuclear scientists in Pennsylvania is applying their expertise to a piece of metal that may have come from Amelia Earhart's doomed aircraft in an attempt to glean new insights into the legendary pilot's disappearance.

Turkish 'Mystery Monolith' Revealed to be Government-Sponsored...

The mystery surrounding a monolith discovered in Turkey near the famed ancient site Gobekli Tepe has proven to be rather short-lived as it was revealed today that the piece was a government-sponsored publicity stunt connected to the announcement...

Watch: 'Mystery Monolith' Appears in Turkey Near Famed Gobekli...

Suggesting that the 'monolith madness' which gripped the globe late last year is not quite over yet, a rather sizeable new piece recently appeared in Turkey near the famed ancient site Gobekli Tepe.

Curious Cross Unearthed at Kenyan Market

A renovation project at a marketplace in Kenya came to a sudden stop when workers unearthed a rather curious concrete cross.

Video: Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered...

In what may be disappointing news to those who advocate for a more exotic explanation, an intriguing new scientific examination of the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident supports the theory that the tragic event was the result of an avalanche.

Library Puzzled by Baked Potato Mystery

The staff of a library in Massachusetts are asking the public for help in solving a strange mystery centered around, of all things, baked potatoes.

Flight Attendant from D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Revisits Infamous Caper

A flight attendant who played a key role in the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has granted a rare interview in which she revisits the infamous event.

Sword Stolen 40 Years Ago Gets Returned

A sizeable bronze sword that had been stolen forty years from a statue in a Massachusetts city was finally returned this week by the remorseful man who took it when he was a college student.

Mysterious Trail of Four-Toed Footprints Discovered Atop...

A woman in England was left scratching her head when she discovered a puzzling trail of four-toed footprints had appeared atop her frost-covered car.

C2C's Biggest Breakthroughs, Bombshells and Busts of 2020

While travel restrictions brought the world to a halt in 2020 and undoubtedly thwarted a great number of planned research projects, there were still quite a few significant developments this past year with regards to some of the most iconic...

10 Unsolved Mysteries from 2020

In the world of the strange and unusual, each year provides a handful of inexplicable incidents which remain unsolved long after making headlines.

Knapp's News 12/20/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including an article about astronomers discovering 'cosmic highways' that could allow for high-speed travel through the solar system.

Dive at Sunken Nazi Ship Reveals Chests Which Could Contain...

Hopes that a sunken Nazi steamer ship off the coast of Poland could contain the legendary lost Amber Room were somewhat bolstered when a dive at the site revealed intriguing chests which just might contain treasures that were pilfered by the Third Reich.

'Monolith Madness' Sees Puzzling Pieces Appear in Places...

'Mystery monoliths' have become a bonafide global phenomenon with the puzzling pieces appearing in all manner of places around the world since the start of the month.

Fenn Treasure Finder Reveals Identity

The man who found the famed Forrest Fenn treasure has revealed his identity and shared new details surrounding the circumstances by which he discovered the elusive riches.

New Mystery Monolith Appears in California

Suggesting that the strange saga of the mystery monoliths is far from over, a third such object has now been found atop a mountain in California.

Details Surrounding Removal of Utah Mystery Monolith Revealed

The question of who removed the mysterious monolith found in Utah late last month has been answered as a pair of individuals have stepped forward to take credit for bringing down the odd object.

Mystery Monolith Has Vanished

In the latest twist in the mysterious monolith story in Utah, the shiny metallic object has disappeared. The Bureau of Land Management reports that it was removed by an "unknown party," adding that "the structure has received international and...

Mystery Monolith in Utah Located on Google Earth and May Be Removed

In a pair of developments surrounding the mysterious monolith found in the Utah desert, online sleuths have managed to located the odd object on Google Earth and officials in the state say that it may not be around much longer because it is...

Mysterious Monolith Appears in Utah

A helicopter survey of big horn sheep living in the wilderness of Utah led to the unexpected discovery of a mysterious monolith which had suddenly appeared planted in the ground.

Knapp's News 11/21/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an article about an ancient Egyptian temple with inscriptions of unknown constellations, a report on decommissioning the Arecibo radio dish, and George's own investigation...

Elizabeth Eagle Orb Photos

Elizabeth Eagle, guest on the 11/19/20 show, shares a selection of orb photographs.

Knapp's News 11/15/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including an article about how scientists fired lasers at a nebula to learn more about it.

Watch: Bizarre Burning 'Mystery Object' Crashes in Dominican Republic

A puzzling piece of footage circulating online shows a massive mysterious object that crashed to the ground in the Dominican Republic.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Charged with Digging in Yellowstone National Park

While the search for the Fenn Treasure may have come to an end months ago, the saga continues to provide strange and unusual developments as a Utah man has been indicted by the federal government for what they say was an ill-advised and felonious...

Video Trailer: America Before

Guest on the 10/21/20 show, Graham Hancock, shares a trailer for his book America Before.

Jetpack Flier Spotted Near LAX Again

The mysterious case of an individual spotted flying a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport has deepened considerably following a second sighting of an unidentified flying person in the sky over LAX.


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