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Most Recent - Mysteries & Anomalies

Video: Crop Circle Created Around Treepicture

Video: Crop Circle Created Around Tree

One of the more unique crop circles to appear in quite some time was recently spotted in England and features a tree at the center of the design.

Categories: Mysteries & Anomalies

Odd Cattle Mutilation Reported in Oregon

Authorities in Oregon are investigating a rather curious cattle mutilation case in which the perpetrator may have left behind a critical clue.

Video: Commercial Crop Circles Created in Kansas and New York

Putting a decidedly American spin on an icon of high strangeness, a pair of crop formations created at the behest of companies looking to promote their products recently popped up in both Kansas and New York.

Infamous Windsor Hum Silenced at Last?

An infamous humming sound that plagued residents of a Canadian city for the past decade has seemingly ceased after a steel plant believed to be the source of the noise scaled back operations.

Forrest Fenn Reveals His Treasure Was Hidden in Wyoming

Treasure hunters still smarting over the unsatisfying conclusion to the search for Forrest Fenn's riches received something of a respite last week when the eccentric art dealer revealed that the cache of gold and jewels had been hidden in the...

Possible Cattle Mutilation Reported in England

A paranormal investigator in England suspects that a calf which recently died under mysterious circumstances may have been a victim of the cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Video: Shuttered Jewelry Store Turns Remaining Inventory into...

The owner of a recently closed jewelry store in Michigan came up with an ingenious idea for what to do with the remaining inventory: turn it into a state-wide treasure hunt.

'Templar Cross' Crop Circle Found in France Torments Farm Owners

A fantastic crop formation depicting a Templar cross is drawing droves of visitors to the farm where it was found in France and the owners of the property are not too thrilled about all the attention.

Findings from New Investigation into Dyatlov Pass Incident Announced

Russian officials have announced that their reopened investigation into the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident determined that an avalanche and subsequent hypothermia were to blame for the tragic event, but not everyone's convinced of the findings.

Joshua Shapiro Photos 7/10/20

Joshua Shapiro has provided several images for his appearance on the 7/10/20 show about crystal skulls.

Remote Viewing Mystery Radiation

In tandem with his 7/7/20 appearance, Ed Dames shares two graphics concerning mystery radiation plumes.

Crop Circles Appear in Poland and Hungary

While crop circles most frequently appear in England, each year brings a handful of formations that are found in other countries and, over the last week, such designs have been discovered in both Poland and Hungary.

Video: Eerie 'Mystery Sounds' Trouble Chinese Village

A series of eerie sounds heard throughout a village in China left residents on edge and wondering if it was some kind of harbinger of disaster.

Scott Wolter Images 7/4/20

Author Scott Wolter has provided several images for his discussion on the 7/4/20 show about mysterious runestones.

Mysterious Group Carrying Suitcases Stumps Police in England

In a very strange story out of England, authorities were left scratching their heads after they were unable to locate a sizable group of people reportedly seen carrying suitcases and walking towards a reservoir.

Fenn Treasure Photos Released

Nearly two weeks after Forrest Fenn announced that someone had found the cache of riches which he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains long ago, the eccentric art dealer has finally released a series of photographs showcasing the elusive treasure.

German Linguist Solves Voynich Manuscript?

A linguist from Germany is the latest researcher to claim that they have come up with a solution for the mysterious Voynich Manuscript.

Mischievous Pickle Prankster Puzzles New Jersey Neighborhood

A bizarre mystery has gripped a neighborhood in New Jersey as residents say that some mischievous individual has been leaving pickles all over the place.

Watch: Strange Rumble Rocks Indian Village

Residents of a village in India were literally shaken when a man digging a well inadvertently unleashed an enormous rumble which rocked the community for an hour.

Watch: Weird UFOs Filmed from Airliner

A puzzling piece of footage circulating online appears to show a pair of very weird-looking UFOs lingering in the sky next to an airliner.

Video: Fenn Treasure Found!

In a rather stunning development over the weekend, Forrest Fenn announced that the treasure he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains a decade ago has finally been found.

Famed Breatharian Yogi Passes Away

An India yogi who found fame by way of his claims that he had lived nearly his entire life without consuming any food or water has reportedly passed away at the age of 90.

Unearthed Nazi Diary Allegedly Reveals Locations of Hidden Treasures

A diary said to have been written by a Nazi officer at the close of World War II allegedly contains revelations about where treasures pilfered by the Third Reich were hidden throughout Poland.

Several New Crop Formations Found in Europe

Concerns that the coronavirus pandemic might put a damper on the 2020 crop circle season appear to be unfounded as five new formations were discovered over the last week.

Fenn Treasure Hunter Receives Jail Sentence for Ill-Fated...

The proverbial bill has come due for an Indiana man who had to be rescued earlier this year while searching for the infamous Fenn Treasure in Yellowstone National Park.

Mysterious 'Giant' Spotted in Mexico

Residents of a community in Mexico are on edge following the sighting of a mysterious 'giant' that some suspect could have been either a Bigfoot or an alien.

First Crop Circle of 2020 Found in Italy

It would appear that crop circle season for 2020 is underway as the first formation of the year has been found in an Italian village.

Alleged Encounter with Virgin Mary Apparition Causes a Stir in Uganda

In a bizarre situation unfolding in a Ugandan village, an alleged encounter with a Virgin Mary apparition has inspired thousands of pilgrims to descend upon the site, much to the chagrin of authorities who are trying to thwart the spread of the...

Knapp's News 5/17/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including articles on some curious coded cubes discovered in England, an enormous survey on DMT experiences, and a warning about the dangers of discovering alien worlds.

Quarantine Ghosts on the Rise?

A new report finds that ghostly activity may be on the upswing in the COVID-19 era.


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