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Video: 'Jetpack Man' Spotted Near LAX Againpicture

Video: 'Jetpack Man' Spotted Near LAX Again

In a continuation of a worrisome and weird trend, a pilot approaching Los Angeles International Airport spotted what appeared to be a man flying around in a jetpack.

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Video: Curious 'Crop Formation' Causes Commotion on Mexican Farm

In an odd story out of Mexico, a series of strange 'formations' appeared in a farmer's field overnight and no one is certain as to what could have created them.

Mutilated Cow Discovered Following UFO Sighting in Argentina

In a curious case out of Argentina, an unfortunate cow was discovered mutilated under mysterious circumstances the day after a puzzling UFO was witnessed in the same location.

Convoy of Nazi Trucks Containing Stolen Treasure Located in...

A treasure hunter in search of riches that were pilfered by the Nazis during WWII believes that a convoy of trucks loaded with the ill-gotten loot may be located at the bottom of a lake in Poland.

Vacant NJ School Occupied by Ghosts?

Ghosts at an old school in South New Jersey didn't haunt the students. Rather, they reportedly began their spectral appearances after the facility was closed in 2004.

Thousands of Racing Pigeons Across United Kingdom Mysteriously Vanish

Pigeon racing enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom are scratching their heads over a mysterious turn of events wherein thousands of birds vanished during different races that took place on the same day.

Unsealed Warrant Reveals New Details on Suspicious FBI Dig for...

New details have emerged regarding a suspicious FBI search for a legendary lost cache of Civil War-era gold believed to have been buried in a Pennsylvania state forest.

French Engineer Claims to Have Cracked Zodiac Killer's...

An engineer in France believes that he has cracked the two remaining ciphers written by the infamous Zodiac Killer, but convincing other researchers has proven to be a far more difficult puzzle to solve.

Mystery Sickness Blamed for Killing Hundreds of Birds Across...

Wildlife officials in several states are sounding the alarm about a mysterious sickness that has been responsible for killing hundreds of birds over the last few weeks.

Eerie 'Well From Hell' in Yemen Leaves Officials Scratching Their Heads

A curious and rather eerie chasm, dubbed the 'Well from Hell,' continues to baffle authorities in Yemen despite being in existence for centuries.

Witness in England Spots 'Dome of Light' Prior to Appearance...

In a strange story out of England, a man claims to have spotted a massive dome of light lingering in a field prior to the appearance of a crop circle the following day.

Video: Drought Provides Possible Answer to Decades-Old Plane...

A difficult drought currently impacting California may have inadvertently provided the solution to a decades-old plane crash mystery.

Watch: Last Known Letter from Ill-Fated Amelia Earhart Flight Unearthed

A San Diego man has come forward with a rather remarkable piece of history in the form of the last known letter to have come from Amelia Earhart's ill-fated final flight.

Watch: Strange Object Captured on Night Vision

Jason Suraci has captured an odd "tube-like" UFO using night vision equipment.

Mysterious Chunk of Ice Rips Hole Through Roof of Florida Home

A homeowner in Florida got quite the scare last week when a sizeable chunk of ice mysteriously fell from the sky and ripped a hole through the roof of their residence.

Body of Australia's Mysterious 'Somerton Man' Exhumed for New...

A decades-old mystery in Australia may soon be solved as officials in the country have exhumed the body of the 'Somerton Man' in the hopes of identifying him once and for all.

Divers Set to Scour Sunken Nazi Ship for Legendary Lost Amber Room

A team of divers will soon descend upon a sunken Nazi steamer ship that they suspect could contain the legendary lost Amber Room.

Watch: Massive 'Mystery Creature' Remains Found on Floor of...

A curious piece of footage from an underwater exploratory vehicle shows the massive remains of a mysterious sea creature that has yet to be identified.

Brad Olsen Images 5/15/21

Brad Olsen has provided several images to accompany his appearance on the 5/15/21 show to discuss expeditions to Antarctica, including those by Germany in the Nazi era.

Video: First UK Crop Circle of 2021 Found

The 2021 crop circle season is officially underway in the UK as the first formation the year has been found by researchers.

Video Trailer: Lost Civilizations

Guest on the 5/10/21 show, L.A. Marzulli shares a trailer for his latest documentary, On the Trail of the Nephilim Ep. 7: Lost Civilizations.

New Search for Lost Nazi Treasure to Commence in Poland Next Week

A promising new search for what is believed to be a massive cache of riches that were pilfered by the Nazis during World War II is set to commence in Poland next week.

Robert Morningstar Images 4/26/21

In tandem with his 4/26/21 show appearance, Robert Morningstar shares a set of related images and captions.

Video: Treasure Hunter Finds $46,000 Hidden in Massachusetts Home

A treasure hunter out of Connecticut is taking a well-deserved victory lap after locating a sizeable sum of cash that had been hidden in a Massachusetts home.

'Phantom Lumberjack' Now Blamed for Nearly 50 Downed Trees in England

Following a brief pause wherein it appeared that their reign of terror had come to an end, a proverbial phantom lumberjack in England has resumed their strange spree and is now believed to be responsible for taking down nearly 50 trees in the...

Mysterious Series of Cattle Mutilations in Oregon Continue to...

New details have emerged concerning a series of mysterious cattle mutilations that occurred in Oregon earlier this year and have left authorities scratching their heads.

Watch: Ghost Child Filmed on Australian Highway?

An eerie piece of dashcam footage from Australia shows what appears to be a diminutive figure standing on a freeway at night and some people suspect that the mysterious form could have been a ghost child.

Watch: Security Camera Films 'Baby Dinosaur' Dashing Past Florida Home

A woman in Florida believes that her home security system captured footage of a baby dinosaur dashing through her yard.

Video: Mysterious 19th Century Tunnel Discovered Under...

A farmer in Illinois was left scratching his head when he discovered a mysterious tunnel on his property that historians say likely dates back to the 19th century.

Unsuspecting Grandmother in Black Coat Mistaken for 'Plague...

A grandmother in Scotland was inadvertently swept up in the phantom plague doctor craze that has gripped the United Kingdom when a bewildered witness mistook her for one of the menacing strangers due to her long black coat.


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