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Knapp's News 1/18/20

Jan 18, 2020

George Knapp shared recent items of interest including a story about identity recognition.

'Statue Head' Spotted on Surface of Mars

Jan 16, 2020

An anomaly hunter searching for strange and unusual objects on the surface of Mars stumbled upon an image that appears to show the head of a statue sitting in the sands of the Red Planet.

'Alien Abduction' Filmed by Doorbell Cam

Jan 6, 2020

A couple in Texas got quite the laugh when they looked at footage from their doorbell camera and noticed that a glitch in the system created a scene resembling some kind of alien abduction.

UK's First Astronaut Says 'Aliens Exist'

Jan 6, 2020

The United Kingdom's first astronaut says that not only do aliens exist, but they may already be here on Earth.

Abductee Interviews

Dec 31, 2019

Have you been abducted by aliens and would you be willing to talk about your experience?

Video: China's Massive Alien-Hunting Telescope to be Fully Operational Soon

Dec 10, 2019

An enormous radio telescope in China will soon begin hunting for alien signals in earnest as an arduous three-year-long testing phase for the project has nearly come to an end.

Skeptical Scientists Squash Entomologist's 'Bugs on Mars' Theory

Nov 21, 2019

An entomologist's tantalizing new theory that there are bugs on Mars has been met with skepticism from scientists.

Belief in Aliens Derails British Author's Parliamentary Campaign

Nov 7, 2019

A Parliamentary candidate in England dropped out of the race after concerns were raised about her belief in aliens and the paranormal.

Stanton Friedman's Massive Collection of UFO Files to be Cataloged by Archivists

Oct 31, 2019

An enormous cache of files, records, and correspondences amassed by the late UFO researcher Stanton Friedman throughout his epic 60 years of researching the phenomenon is being cataloged by professional archivists in Canada.

Edward Snowden Says He Did Not Find Any Alien Secrets in Government Files

Oct 24, 2019

A question long-pondered by UFO enthusiasts regarding whistleblower Edward Snowden has finally been answered as he says that there were no signs of alien secrets in the government files he was able to access.

Astrophysicist Argues That Aliens Could Be Exploring Space Via Nanoprobes

Oct 22, 2019

An astrophysicist in the country of Georgia recently put forward a thought-provoking theory that space may be filled with tiny alien probes that go undetected by those looking for signs of ET life.

Knapp's News 10/20/19

Oct 20, 2019

George Knapp shared recent items of interest, including an article on fate vs. free will.

Knapp's News 10/5/19

Oct 5, 2019

George Knapp shares a few items that recently caught his attention, including an article on the implications of alien technology.

Video: Elon Musk Says He Has 'Not Seen Any Sign of Aliens'

Oct 1, 2019

SpaceX founder Elon Musk briefly discussed the possibility that intelligent extraterrestrials may be out in space and largely dismissed such a scenario.

NASA Chief Scientist Says Life on Mars Could be Found Within Two Years

Sep 30, 2019

The chief scientist for NASA says that the discovery of life on Mars may only be a couple of years away and expressed concern over how such a find would be received here on Earth.

Online Gambling Site Taking Bets on Alien Disclosure

Sep 24, 2019

UFO enthusiasts who are confident that the United States government will reveal the existence of aliens in the near future could cash in on that disclosure via an online gambling site that is now taking bets on whether or not such a scenario will unfold.

Knapp's News 9/22/19

Sep 22, 2019

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including an article on Viking 'super soldiers.'

British Survey Asks Who Should Respond if Aliens Contact Earth

Sep 10, 2019

An interesting survey recently conducted in England centered around a question that has long been debated by scientists and UFO enthusiasts alike: if aliens contacted Earth, who decides whether or not we should answer?

Watch: College Football Coach Muses About the 'Storm Area 51' Craze

Sep 5, 2019

A colorful college football coach known for musing about all manner of odd topics recently shared his thoughts on the 'Storm Area 51' phenomenon.

Free Audio: Betty Andreasson's Close Encounters of the 4th Kind

Aug 21, 2019

In this fascinating hour from 2014, Betty Andreasson Luca shared her famed abduction account.

Alien Contactee Group in Thailand Encounters Trouble with Authorities

Aug 16, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Thailand, a colorful group of alleged alien contactees had their meditation center raided twice in the last week by irritated authorities.

Free Audio: Rise of ET Hybrids

Jul 31, 2019

In this fascinating hour from 2015, David Jacobs warned of the ET's hybrid program.

Two New Witnesses to the Pascagoula UFO Event Reveal Their Experiences

Jul 25, 2019

Two separate individuals in Mississippi have reportedly come forward with claims that they witnessed a UFO on the night of the legendary Pascagoula abduction incident in October of 1973.

'Storm Area 51' Event Spawns Slew of Strange Headlines, Memes, & Copycats

Jul 19, 2019

In what shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has spent much time on the Internet, the 'Storm Area 51' viral sensation has inspired a slew of copycat 'events' and a vast array of weird headlines related to the craze.

Free Audio: Lost Knowledge & ETs

Jul 17, 2019

In this fascinating hour from 2013, (the late) Dolores Cannon suggested that ETs created humans.

Richard Branson on UFOs Being Aliens Visiting Earth: 'Extremely Unlikely'

Jul 16, 2019

While Richard Branson may envision someday sailing to the stars via his private space company Virgin Galactic, the British billionaire apparently doesn't expect to encounter any aliens along the way.

Study Upends Oumuamua Alien Theory

Jul 3, 2019

A new study of the mysterious interstellar object known as 'Oumuamua' has seemingly squelched the theory that the interloper is alien in nature.

New Historical Marker Commemorates Legendary Pascagoula UFO Incident

Jun 25, 2019

The legendary Pascagoula UFO incident was recognized this past weekend with the unveiling of a historical marker commemorating the event.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Building a Bomb to Warn Cops About Aliens

Jun 25, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Pennsylvania, a man was arrested for allegedly building a bomb in order to get the attention of police so that he could warn them about potentially hostile aliens.

Exhaustive Search for Signs of Alien Life Comes Up Short

Jun 19, 2019

An ambitious alien-hunting program backed by a Russian billionaire has, so far, failed to yield any signs of intelligent life out in space.