Mel Mattison

Mel Mattison


Mel Mattison is a writer and financial services veteran. Leveraging over twenty years of experience in the realm of high finance, he brings real-world authenticity to his fictional narratives. Having served as the CEO of three separate FINRA and SEC-regulated broker-dealers, Mel combines insider knowledge with a critical eye toward the economic forces that shape all our lives. With a knack for deconstructing jargon and making the complex understandable, Mel sheds light on the sometimes dark and confusing corners of finance. He holds an MBA from Duke University and studied creative writing at Loyola University Chicago.



Past Shows:

  • Financial Grab / NATO's UFO Incident

    Mel Mattison joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the end game of financial elites to take everyone's assets. Followed by UFO researcher Chris Styles on his new book, Sweep Clear 5: NATO's UFO Encounter, a quest for the truth about the Shelburne USO story.More »
  • Before Genesis / Digital Currency

    Author Donna Howell discussed our planet’s earliest ages, the time before the Bible's Genesis. Followed by finance expert Mel Mattison on Central Banks and digital currency.More »