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Nearby Exoplanet Proxima b is Earth-Like in Sizepicture

Nearby Exoplanet Proxima b is Earth-Like in Size

The nearest alien planet to our solar system, Proxima b, is a mere 17% larger in mass than Earth.

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Saturn's Strange Hexagon Composed of 'Sandwich' Layers

An extensive system of layers has been observed emanating above Saturn's odd hexagon feature.

Robotic Dog Patrols Singapore Park

Robotic dog, Spot, has been deployed in a Singapore park to assist visitors with maintaining safe distances from each other.

Study Finds Evidence for Massive Ancient River on Mars

Scientists studying images of Mars believe that they have found evidence of a massive river that once flowed on the Red Planet.

'Mask-Wearing' Asteroid to Pass Near Earth on Wednesday

Suggesting that perhaps the universe has a dark sense of humor, an image of an asteroid set to pass near the Earth later this week appears as if the rocky body is wearing a face mask.

Knapp's News 4/26/20

George Knapp shares a number of items of recent interest.

First-Ever Comprehensive Geological Map of the Moon Created

The United States Geological Survey has produced an enlightening new lunar map that will likely serve as a guide for future manned missions to the moon.

New 'Oumuamua Origin Theory Offered

A new study on the mysterious interstellar object known as 'Oumuamua suggests that the odd interloper originated as a piece of a larger celestial body.

Photos: Super Pink Moon

The world was treated to a remarkable Super Pink Moon this past week.

Photo: Hubble Captures 'Cannibal' Galaxy

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning image of a spiral galaxy known as NGC 4651.

New Species of Ancient Flying Reptiles Discovered in Africa

An international team of researchers have identified a trio of heretofore undiscovered flying reptiles that roamed the skies during the time of the dinosaurs.

NASA Debunks 'Ezekiel's Wheel' UFO

In a rather surprising turn of events, NASA has come forward to debunk a purported UFO spotted by anomaly hunters and making the rounds online.

Video: Ukrainian Priest Blesses Streets with Holy Water to...

An odd video from Ukraine shows a priest dousing the roads of a city with holy water in order to fend off the coronavirus.

Video: 'Wonderchicken' Fossil Discovered

Paleontologists have found what they say is the oldest known fossil of a modern bird and have dubbed the creature 'Wonderchicken.'

Spanish Police Use Drone to Urge People to Comply with...

Authorities in the Spanish city of Madrid have come up with a futuristic way of encouraging people to stay in their homes following a lockdown in response to the coronavirus crisis: drones.

'Mantis-Man' Petroglyph Found in Iran

Scientists say that an ancient cave drawing discovered in Iran depicts a half-man, half-mantis creature.

Video: Planet Where It Rains Liquid Iron

The temperature of WASP-76b can climb above 4300 degrees F — hot enough to vaporize iron.

Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Bowl' on Mars

An anomaly hunter studying NASA images of Mars spotted what he believes to be the remnants of a bowl resting on the surface of the Red Planet.

Watch: SpaceX Nails 50th Rocket Landing

On Friday, SpaceX launched a twice-used Falcon 9 booster lifting a three-times-flown Dragon cargo ship to ISS

NASA Announces Next Mars Rover Name

In anticipation of its launch later this year, NASA's next Mars Rover has been given an official name: Perseverance.

Curious Hole on Mars Could Harbor Life

NASA says that an intriguing hole discovered on the surface of Mars is an ideal candidate for a place where life on the Red Planet may exist.

NASA Now Accepting Applications from Aspiring Astronauts

NASA is now accepting applications from aspiring astronauts hoping to explore the Moon and Mars, but getting chosen for the job is, as one can imagine, no small feat.

Watch: Autonomous Robots Take Subterranean Challenge

DARPA recently sponsored a Subterranean Challenge to test a group of cutting-edge autonomous robots.

Russian Scientists Search for 'Cosmic Matter' Near Site of...

Scientists in Russia are studying sediment from a Siberian lake in the hope of finding 'cosmic matter' which will confirm that the Tunguska explosion was caused by a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere.

Video: Astronomers Spot Possible 'Minimoon' Orbiting Earth

For just the second time ever, astronomers may have detected a natural object orbiting the Earth in addition to the moon.

Massive Ancient Armadillo Shells Unearthed in Argentina

Archaeologists in Argentina are celebrating a rather sizeable discovery in the form of four massive armadillo shells which once belonged to creatures that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago.

Initial Findings from NASA's InSight Mars Lander Revealed

Scientists studying data obtained by NASA's InSight Mars lander have reportedly released a slew of papers detailing some of the initial findings from the mission.

Knapp's News 2/23/20

George Knapp shared news items that have recently caught his attention.


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