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Knapp's News 10/18/20picture

Knapp's News 10/18/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including a piece about how time travel can be paradox-free.

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ISS Leak Traced with Tea Bag

A leak aboard the ISS was finally pinpointed by cosmonauts utilizing a rather low-tech solution — a tea bag.

'Superhabitable' Worlds Could be Better for Life than Earth!

An interesting new study has designated some 24 exoplanets that potentially could be better for life than even our own Earth! Referred to as "superhabitable" planets, these worlds are a little older and larger, slightly warmer, and possibly...

Three Underground Lakes Found on Mars

Scientists studying data from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter have discovered a trio of subterranean lakes hiding beneath the surface of the Red Planet.

Tom Valone Material 9/28/20

Guest on the 9/28/20 show, Tom Valone shares material related to his presentation. Pictured: Valone demonstrates a Tesla coil in the lab.

Study Suggests Space Weather Contributed to Titanic Disaster

An intriguing new theory argues that the sinking of the Titanic may have been caused in large part by the effects of a solar flare.

'Top Hat' Spotted on Mars

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images of Mars for out-of-place objects spotted a rather dapper-looking oddity in the form of what appears to be a top hat.

Video: Possible Sign of Life Detected in Atmosphere of Venus

In what may ultimately turn out to be a landmark discovery, astronomers have detected a curious chemical in the atmosphere of Venus which could be a sign of alien life.

Astronomy Photo of the Year: Andromeda Galaxy

A stunning image of the Andromeda Galaxy has taken overall winner in this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition held by the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

George Haas Images 9/10/20

In tandem with the 9/10/20 show, George Haas shares images of Martian anomalies.

Massive Search for ET Signals Finds None

An ambitious attempt to locate signs of alien life by scanning a staggering 10 million stars sadly failed to find any evidence for extraterrestrials.

Incredible Close-Up of Sunspot

New photos showing the sun in unprecedented detail have been taken by GREGOR, a European solar telescope. With the latest upgrades to the telescope, located at an observatory in Spain, it can capture features on the sun as small as 30 miles...

Odd Ridges Spotted on Mars Puzzle NASA

Proving once again that finding anomalies on Mars is not merely the domain of rogue researchers, NASA recently shared an image of the Red Planet which shows some strange ridges that even they can't explain.

Video: Flying Car Takes Off in Japan

Japanese company SkyDrive has completed a successful manned test flight of its flying car prototype.

Photo: Hubble Snaps Meathook Galaxy

An image taken from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the eye-catching galaxy NGC 2442, also known as the Meathook Galaxy.

Cremation Site Dates Back to Around 7000 B.C.

Excavations at a site in Northern Israel have revealed an ancient cremation pit dating back to around 9,000 years ago. Remains of a skeleton show evidence of being heated to over 500 degrees, and according to the French National Center for...

Stunning Image of Space 'Butterfly'

Like a cosmic butterfly net, ESO's Very Large Telescope has captured a winged nebula in new, intricate detail. In the image, the nebula almost seems to float across space. Known as NGC 2899, the object is located between 3000 and 6500 light-years...

Dwarf Planet Ceres Found to Have Ocean of Brine Water

In a surprise discovery, the dwarf planet Ceres has been found to contain an ocean of brine water beneath its rocky surface. Located between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt, the curious world (with a diameter of 580 miles) at one time was...

'Fast Radio Burst' Originates From Strange 'Magnetar'

The mysterious FRB was recently detected from within our own galaxy.

Elon Musk Irks Egyptian Officials by Suggesting Aliens Built...

In a strange fracas that unfolded over the weekend, Elon Musk irked officials in Egypt when he suggested that extraterrestrials constructed the country's iconic pyramids.

NASA Launches Mars Perseverance Rover

An exciting new chapter in humanity's exploration of Mars kicked off this morning with the launch of NASA's Perseverance Rover which is now en route to the Red Planet to search for evidence of ancient life.

Watch: Mars In 4K

YouTubers ElderFox Documentaries have produced a sweeping ultra high definition view of the Red Planet using thousands of images captured by NASA's Mars rovers.

Vintage Articles About Mars

7/21/20 guest Marc Hartzman shares vintage articles and illustrations from his new book, The Big Book of Mars.

Watch: Eerie Deepfake Video Depicts Nixon Announcing Apollo 11 Disaster

In an effort to raise awareness about the dangers surrounding deepfake videos, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have released a chilling creation which depicts President Nixon announcing that the Apollo 11 mission had turned tragic.

Viewing Comet NEOWISE

Comet NEOWISE is proving to be one of the brightest comets to pass our way in quite some time. Unlike many celestial objects, NEOWISE is visible to the naked eye, and can currently be seen in many northern locations about 90 minutes after sunset.

Video: 'Engine' Spotted on Mars

An anomaly hunter looking for strange and unusual objects on Mars believes that he has found evidence of an ancient engine sitting on the surface of the Red Planet.

Scientists Identify 'Mystery Substance' Found on Far Side of the Moon

A puzzling substance found on the far side of the moon by China's Yutu-2 rover last year has finally been identified.

Astronomer Finds New Spot on Jupiter

An amateur astronomer in South Africa has been credited with finding a new spot that recently appeared in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Video: 10-Year Time Lapse of the Sun

New video released by NASA shows a stunning 10-year time-lapse of the Sun compiled from one Solar Dynamics Observatory image taken each hour of its decade-long mission.

Art Bell Vault: Bioterrorism & Ebola

Our newest feature for Coast Insiders, The Art Bell Vault, offers an expanding curated collection with two vintage shows added to the mix each Wednesday. This week, we showcase a pair of programs exploring the dangers of bioterrorism and the Ebola virus.


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