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Born and raised in Tennessee, Bobby Akart received his Bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Economics and Political Science. He not only understands how the economy works, but the profound effect politics has on the economy as well. After completing his undergraduate degree at Tennessee in three years, he entered the dual degree program obtaining a law degree combined with an MBA at the age of twenty-three.

Bobby Akart is the author of two Amazon bestselling series. Prepping for Tomorrow is a non-fiction analysis of the threats we face as a nation and how to prepare for the inevitable societal and economic collapse. He has also written a bestselling fiction series entitled The Boston Brahmin in which political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction. As the founder of Freedom Preppers, he assists others become better prepared for the threats we face as Americans from catastrophic events, both natural and man-made.



Past shows:

New Madrid Fault / Alien Contacts & Revelations

Author Bobby Akart discussed the history and dangers of the New Madrid seismic fault. Followed by Sev Tok with alien revelations and contacts. More »

Survival Preparedness/ ET & Shamanic Contacts

In the first half, author Bobby Akart talked about threats to national and personal security that could come about if the U.S. was the victim of an array of disasters and attacks. In the second half, holistic practitioner, shamanic counselor and contactee Sandy Corcoran... More »


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