Bobby Akart

Bobby Akart


Bobby Akart delivers up-all-night thrillers to readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide. He has sold over one million books in all formats, which includes over forty international bestsellers, in nearly fifty fiction and nonfiction genres. He has been ranked on Amazon charts as the #1 bestselling author in science fiction and thriller genres. He's also been named an Amazon Kindle All Star. He has been ranked as high as #25 on Amazon Charts list of best selling authors and his novel, Yellowstone Hellfire, was ranked in the Top 25 most sold books on Amazon on multiple occasions.

"I use disaster and survival fiction as a way to explore how people can survive a catastrophic event and still find a reason to go on living. Mankind has been telling stories about the end of the world since before the Bible. Why stop now? The world's not ending any time soon," Akart says.

Bobby is a retired attorney and now full-time author living in Georgia with his wife and two English Bulldogs. He has over sixty novels available on Amazon.



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