Allison is a lifelong UFO/alien experiencer and has worked with over 1000 experiencers in group and individual settings, and considers the paranormal and supernatural an integral part of the experiencer reality. Her focus has been to help individuals touched by this phenomena find acceptance through the limited amount of resources available to them in a safe setting. She continues to advocate for definitions and standards within the UFO community. Allison’s alien contact has been with the Nordic Race. She has a background working in aerospace and state government.

Past Shows:

  • Alien Abduction Special

    Experiencers Lauren Nalder and Allison discussed their close encounters, including our relationships with aliens. Followed by author Steve Aspin, who detailed his experiences and research while investigating the phenomenon.More »

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Atlantis & Archaeology / Psychic Gifts & Spy Ring
Atlantis & Archaeology / Psychic Gifts & Spy Ring
Aerospace engineer Mark Carlotto discussed Atlantis, and presented evidence that other enigmatic sites could be much older than we think. Followed by psychic intuitive counselor Robert Lindsy Milne on helping with his gifts.
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