Alien Abduction Special

Alien Abduction Special


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsLauren Nalder, Allison, Steve Aspin

The alien abduction phenomenon has taken a back seat to recent UFO news of congressional hearings and military testimonies. George Knapp welcomes experiencers on this program, including Allison and Lauren, who will discuss their lifetime of close encounter experiences, along with people who have had direct experiences with the visitors, whoever they are, including a conversation about the relationships between them and us, how they interact with humans, what they say, what they want, and why there are indications that major UFO organizations and researchers are turning their backs on people who have had direct contact.

Following a lifetime of what are often described as 'anomalous experiences,' Steve Aspin realized that the phenomenon of "alien abduction" was not only real but was happening to him and had been all his life. In the latter half, he'll detail his lifelong personal experiences and the relationships he built with leading researchers during his years of investigating the phenomenon.



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