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Alien Abduction Special

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In the first half of this abduction-themed program, George Knapp welcomed experiencers Lauren Nalder and Allison, who discussed their close encounters. Allison recounted having experiences with the paranormal as a young child, which, she claimed, included regular encounters with a "little bald man" outside her house whom she didn't believe to be human. By the age of nine, she went on, she began to see numerous UFOs in the sky. The missing time reported by many experiencers was also commonplace by the time Allison became an adult; often she would get flashes of memories aboard a spacecraft during the lost time periods. Frequently present during her experiences was a blond man who, she said, didn't appear to be quite human. On one memorable occasion, she realized that an alien entity, posing as a person, had infiltrated her workplace, which was a highly secured facility where no unauthorized persons would have gained access. Being abducted and taken to alien planets was also a regular occurrence, Allison added—as well as being contacted and abducted by members of a shadowy US government agency.

Nalder claimed to have early paranormal experiences that entailed UFO observations and encounters as well. Although she didn't see a "classic" alien until well into adulthood, she related, the angels she saw for many years before were a precursor to incidents involving ETs. In one incident, she was taken in her sleep from her bedroom to an alien craft. Here a giant mantis-like creature demanded to know what Nalder knew, and when she challenged the being, it pierced her upper spinal column. She also talked about the less-than-welcoming reception she's gotten from organizations dedicated to UFO research, recalling a time when her report of an encounter was met with disbelief and skepticism.


Another guest with a lifetime of 'anomalous experiences,' Steve Aspin, joined the show in the latter half, detailing his personal story and the relationships he built with leading researchers during his years of investigating the phenomenon. His latest book, Out of Time, Aspin explained, is his attempt to reach out to people who have no prior interest in or knowledge of encounters or abductions. These are "core topics" everyone should know about, he argued, with a campaign of aliens making contact going back to the 1890s. It's curious, Aspin pointed out, that although individual people throughout history have reported UFO experiences, ETs don't show much interest in definitive, intentional contact with Earth on a meaningful level.

Although Aspin's own experiences —which began with a "lost time" incident in his youth that scarred his face —a surprising element to his story was learning that his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were also experiencers. He discovered this during one abduction, when an alien entity told him he was chosen because of these family ties. When he asked his grandmother about this, Aspin said, she replied simply, "Those are just pixies."

Knapp's News 9/25/22

George Knapp shared recent items of interest, including articles about military surveillance and an intelligence agency's new official seal:

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