Walter Zajac

Walter Zajac


Walter Zajac, "the Empowerment Psychic" has over 18 years experience as a top psychic source in his hometown of Los Angeles. As a psychic medium, NLP coach, and Reiki healer, he has empowered and guided a very large number of souls through thousands of enlightening psychic readings, and inspiring coaching and healing sessions in many different countries around the world.

He is a certified psychic (certified professional Tarot reader), certified NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and certified Reiki master. He has spent decades studying the works of the world’s great teachers of spirituality, metaphysics, the amazing Law of Attraction, psychology, as well as layman’s knowledge of quantum physics.



Past Shows:

  • Financial Outlook / Psychic Empowerment

    Financial investment expert Mike "Mish" Shedlock offered analysis and an economic outlook for the future. Followed by psychic medium Walter Zajac on his unusual path to discovering his psychic gifts.More »

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