Steven Aukstakalnis

Steven Aukstakalnis


Steven Aukstakalnis is an author, research scientist, instructor and consultant is the area of advanced human-computer interfaces and interactive systems. Educated in Physics and Computer Science, Steve is the former Director of the Virtual Environment and Interactive Systems Program for the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation. He has served on the professional research staff at the University of Washington and the faculty of Mississippi State University.

Steve is an invited lecturer and researcher for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, National Reconnaissance Office, University of Michigan, Pepperdine, Purdue, Dartmouth, National Taiwan University, the Smithsonian Institution and a host of other universities, corporations and government agencies across N. America and around the world. Steve has authored three books on the topic of virtual and augmented reality, as well as dozens of papers, magazine articles and technology reviews.



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    Consultant Steve Aukstakalnis discussed cutting edge virtual reality technologies. Followed by teacher Lisa Barnett on the Akashic Records and prayer.More »

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