Dave Shock

Dave Shock


Dave Shock grew up in the Dayton Ohio area not far from Wright-Patterson AFB. Growing up near Wright-Patterson spurred his interest in UFOs. In 2008, he got more interested and as a amateur astronomer, asked this question. "Why don’t we use the technology of today and answer the age old question: "Are they real?'" Dave started a campaign to launch a satellite for UFO research. Dave learned about what it takes to get a satellite up, however, satellites back then were too expensive and he never got off the ground, until today.

Along came CubeSats that are cheap and easy to acquire. Dave heard about a group sending up a CubeSat in the name of UFO research, so he made contact and explained about his past satellite project and his role in the UFO community. Before he knew it, he was on board with CubeSat For Disclosure.


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