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Virtual Reality/ Akashic Records

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Former Director of the Virtual Environment and Interactive Systems Program for the National Science Foundation, Steve Aukstakalnis, is a consultant in the area of advanced human-computer interfaces and systems. In the first half, he discussed applications of cutting edge technologies in gaming, entertainment, defense, medicine, and aerospace. Virtual reality (VR) "is a completely computer-generated replacement for one's true visual and audio surroundings," he explained, whereas augmented reality (AR) involves seeing graphical or textual information superimposed over one's real world view.

VR is an immersive experience delivered through a head-mounted display that the user wears, which typically has sensors that track the person's movement so the computer can create the corresponding imagery, as they move through the environment, he outlined. Google has developed an inexpensive VR headset powered by a smart phone, and set up an 'Explorer' program, where classrooms can go on virtual field trips to 100 different locations, he enthused, such as Antarctica and the Great Wall of China. Hollywood films may start to capture "spherical" footage in 360 degrees, which opens up new forms of VR entertainment, along with breakthroughs happening in the gaming industry, he reported. Further, different imaging technologies may replace displays and screens by using the retina of the eye as the imaging surface, Aukstakalnis cited.


Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, Lisa Barnett is an Akashic Record guide, and transformational teacher. In the latter half, she spoke about how to access your Akashic Records in order to heal emotional scars, clear soul contracts, and walk your own true path. "Everything you've ever been or done is recorded in your personal record," she said, and each person has their own record, record keeper, and soul plan. "If you think about your own Akashic Record, this is the library of your soul," she continued-- it's kind of like a cloud storage system which is automatically updated as you live your life.

And the record keepers-- beings of light and love, are here to help us decipher and understand our soul plan, soul contract, and what we came here to accomplish in this lifetime, she detailed. Barnett's latest project is a book of 73 prayers she channeled from Akashic masters, and divine-source beings of light. The prayers help move people into a higher vibrational state or alignment, she suggested, and include such matters as forgiveness, letting go of guilt, and releasing old energies. She shared one, a prayer for worthiness, which asks for liberating the "collective consciousness that has held me in constraints," and freeing "all holds that seized my self-worth. I step away from the desire for public approval...and move beyond the limitations of authority. I am worthy to express as my God-self and do so now and each day forward."

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Steve Kates

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