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Reincarnation & Souls / Religious Miracles

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Psychologist and hypnotic regression therapist, Linda Backman, studied and later taught with the renowned developer of past life regression, Dr. Michael Newton. In the first half, she discussed her own research of reincarnation, past lives, and the soul's journey. Many of her regression clients have described the death process to her. The same "holographic" portion of our soul energy that enters the body at birth leaves the body upon death, as it increases its frequency, she explained. Reconstituted, it then returns to the "higher realms." Through the process of 'Soul Regression' with her clients, she has learned of three different types of souls that incarnate here: Earth-based, interplanetary, and angelic-realm. The Earth-based ones incarnate most often on our planet, while the interplanetary souls primarily experience lives on other planets or dimensions, and the angelic souls compassionately serve the divine, she detailed.

Backman talked about cases of 'split incarnations' in which the soul is simultaneously embodied in more than one individual. The 'Moses' soul, which acts as a catalyst to move humanity forward, continues to reincarnate in modern times, she revealed, and sometimes it's part of a split incarnation. She has also discovered that a "Higher Council," a congress of evolved souls in the spiritual realm, serves as guides to influence and help our lives. As to why people typically don't recall their past incarnations, she shared that it's a kind of purposeful amnesia so that we step cleanly into a new experience.


Adam Blai is a Church decreed expert on religious demonology and exorcism in the Pittsburgh diocese. Over the last decade, he has assisted at many exorcisms and resolutions of hauntings. In the latter half, he spoke about the nature of miracles, including Fatima, stigmata, levitation, and apparitions. Miracles could be thought of as something that only God can do. St. Thomas Aquinas further detailed three levels of miracles-- the highest is when God does something nature cannot do (such as the sun dancing in the sky at Fatima). Then, there is when God does something nature does but in a different order (like Lazarus returning from the dead), and the third level is when God does something quicker than nature does (instantaneous healing, for example). The Church determines the veracity of miracles, he added, by looking at evidence for an immediate intercession or healing, such as when a prayer is made to the Saint Padre Pio.

For people with special abilities, like healing, Blai advised visiting one's religious leaders to discern the gift's legitimacy. He described the 'Our Lady of Akita' Marian apparitions, which took place in a convent in Japan in 1973. Lesser known than the Fatima sightings, the Church considered them to be valid, and the nun who experienced them shared a message of penance similar to what Sister Lucia had offered. Cases of levitation have been observed as a "secondary effect of what's called divine ecstasy," he reported. During the Middle Ages, Joseph of Cupertino, during deep prayer, "would float up toward the rafters of the church." St. Theresa of Avila reportedly also experienced this kind of levitation but was said to be embarrassed by it.

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