Keith Basterfield

Keith Basterfield


Keith Basterfield has been interested in the UFO phenomena since the late 1960’s. His early research findings appeared in such publications as the MUFON Journal; Journal of UFO Studies; Flying Saucer Review, and the International UFO Reporter. For the last ten years, he has published his research on his blog and multiple catalogues on the Project 1947 website. His key research areas include Australian Government UFO files; cold case reviews, and data collation.


Past Shows:

  • Mysterious Expeditions / UFO Files

    Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates reported on his adventures investigating mysteries and legends around the globe. Researchers Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean discussed their recently filed requests seeking a broad range of UFO-related documents.More »
  • Contactee Movement / Military UFO Footage

    Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly discussed the UFO 'Contactees' movement begun in the 1950s. Followed by Paul Dean and Keith Basterfield on military UFO data.More »

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