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In his TV show Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures, and other puzzling stories. He joined George Knapp to discuss his multi-continent quest to uncover the world's biggest mysteries. "The shows that I've done... they're about investigating a mystery, but they're also about taking people out of their living rooms and across the world to hear a story from a different culture," Gates said. He commented on various versions of the Atlantis myth, pointing out evidence of a harbor city in India that supposedly sank into the ocean.

"I don't think there's ever been an episode of Expedition Unknown where we haven't made really amazing discoveries... we stay until we get something great," Gates continued. He reported on the time he and his team used laser scanning in the jungles of Guatemala and uncovered a lost Mayan pyramid complex. Gates recalled the episode where he unearthed a hoard of coins belonging to Celtic queen Boadicea, as well as when he chased after the lost loot of legendary outlaws Captain Morgan, Butch Cassidy, and John Dillinger. He also commented on the time he spent the night alone in King Tut's tomb where Tut's mummy still resides.


Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean are two researchers who have made great strides in squeezing UFO information out of government agencies in both their home country of Australia as well as the US. In the latter half, they discussed their recently filed requests seeking a broad range of UFO-related documents, and commented on the newly released intelligence report on UAPs.

"From a historical perspective [the report] is unbelievably important," Dean said, noting it falls short in solving the UFO mystery. He enumerated some of the remarkable admissions in the report, including the disclosure that a majority of UAP sightings were registered on multiple sensors and had unusual flight characteristics. The report also pointed out UAPs demonstrated advanced technology and may pose a challenge to national security, Basterfield added. "You only have to go back 30 or 40 years and you can find statements that completely are the opposite... from what's being said in this report," Dean revealed.

Basterfield reported on his FOIA request regarding the USS Bainbridge UFO incident in 2017. The ship's SNOOPIE teams were activated several times to make observations of the phenomena, he noted. Basterfield said he has requested the Bainbridge deck logs, and hopes to see specific mentions of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) hovering near or interacting with the ship. The two also commented on a declassified UFO report from the Australian government that supposedly confirmed the existence of alien life. According to Basterfield, the document is real and covers the period 1957 to 1971. It appears someone new to the subject stumbled upon the file, extracted selected items and quotes, and inserted their own out-of-context interpretation, he added. "The whole episode was a big nothing," Basterfield concluded.

Knapp's News 7/24/21

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an examination of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena from a scientific perspective, an article on how US military officials in Australia tried to prevent a local woman from reporting a UFO sighting, and a piece on a recent lucid dreaming study:

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