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Contactee Movement / Military UFO Footage

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Greg Bishop, researcher of weird stuff and Coast to Coast AM contributor, and co-author and 'crackpot historian' Adam Gorightly joined George Knapp in the first half, to discuss the 'Contactees' movement in the 1950s, which featured a group of colorful individuals who claimed contact with human-appearing extraterrestrials that said they'd come to Earth to proclaim the gospel of interplanetary goodwill and universal peace. These messages, which gained a certain degree of popularity, may have helped pave the way for the 1960's counterculture and the Hippie movement, the authors suggested. What fascinates Bishop is not so much whether the contactees were in genuine contact with beings from outer space, but rather the spiritual aspects to the messages and channeling they received.

Gorightly spoke about the "social movement" aspect, and how there were large conventions of 8,000 to 10,000 people gathered at Giant Rock in the California desert in the 1950s. It was there that contactee George Van Tassel, a former pilot, organized events and partially completed the Integraton, a structure he devised via plans channeled from aliens. It was said to reverse or stop the aging process, though he died before it was finished, Bishop detailed. The two also talked about George Adamski, known for his communications with a Venusian named Orthon, as well as such contactees as George Hunt Williamson, George King, Frank Stranges, Jack Parsons, and Omnec Onec.


Australian UFO researchers Paul Dean and Keith Basterfield have been researching and contributing to the saga surrounding AATIP (the Pentagon's secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, revealed in December 2017). In the latter half, they discussed their delving into the data, including a search for congressional documentation about the AATIP, and how the program was started. Looking at unreleased documentation, Dean uncovered that a program known as Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program or AAWSA might actually yield more information about unidentified aerial phenomena than AATIP, as well as a manual that includes procedures for how military personnel should report their UFO sightings and photographs.

NASA was actually coordinating with the CIA about how to handle inquiries from the public about UFOs, reported Dean, but he doubted that the space agency was protecting any secret information regarding interplanetary travel. Basterfield is optimistic that more AATIP videos will be released to the public (there are three more he knows of), as well as data about alleged fragments of UFOs, and materials with unusual isotopic ratios. He also commended the work of Kit Green and Gary Nolan who have been studying reports of people injured due to close encounters with UFO phenomena.

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