Michael Fitzhugh Bell

Michael Fitzhugh Bell


Whistleblower Michael Fitzhugh Bell is a victim of what is referred to as an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (U.S.A.P.) that he says was created by the United States government, believed to be part of the Military Black Ops portion of the shadow government. He was victimized through the illegal misuse of advanced nanotechnology, biomedical devices embedded throughout his body, using clandestine government classified technologies.



Past Shows:

  • Theory of the Universe / Neurological Weapons

    Author Mark Fiorentino delved into his research on the Unified Field Theory, also known as The Theory of Everything. Followed by whistleblower Michael Fitzhugh Bell who discussed being the victim of crimes of technology perpetrated by the U.S. government.More »
  • Space News & Theories/ Implanted with Devices

    David Darling talked about the origins of the universe.Michael Fitzhugh Bell updated his story of being a "targeted individual."More »
  • UFOs Declassified/ Saga of a Targeted Individual

    Nick Pope discussed the latest UFO stories in the news. Followed by Michael Fitzhugh Bell on being the victim of stalking and mind control.More »
  • World Affairs/ Organized Stalking

    Joel Skousen spoke about the rise of fake intelligence and the Globalists. Followed by Michael Fitzhugh Bell on targeted electronic attacks.More »
  • Covert Harassment

    Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures Roger Tolces was joined by Michael F. Bell to discuss the unbelievable story of how Bell was tracked and tortured by a covert organization via implants and microwave harassment. First hour guest, journalist...More »

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