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In the first half, political scientist Joel Skousen, offered commentary on a myriad of current issues including the rise in fake intelligence as a tool to sway public opinion, and how the 'Globalists' are manipulating world affairs. He questioned the accuracy of US intelligence reports, and said there is no hard evidence that the Russians were behind the DNC email hack. "It's impossible," he contended, "for anyone on the end of the hacking to actually tell who it's originating with, because now with modern hacking tools" they can make it appear as though it's coming from any number of sources. He further claimed that the CIA has been involved in falsifying the evidence against Pres. Assad of Syria, in regards to using chemical weapons to attack civilians and hospitals in Aleppo.

He suggested that the Globalists stir up conflicts so they can "rescue" the world with their version of global government that undermines national sovereignty. Skousen foresees a third World War started by North Korea, whom the Globalists see as a way to bring in China and Russia against the United States. If there's a full scale invasion of South Korea by the North, "I think we'll see nuclear war within a week," he remarked. The US government will use war as a cover for economic collapse and the declaration of martial law, he added.


In the latter half, writer Michael Fitzhugh Bell shared his story of being abducted, and surgically implanted with microchips by a covert organization bent on controlling both his mind and body. Upon being returned to his apartment, he noticed that his body was riddled with "symmetrical tiny surgical incision scars," and after speaking with an ex-CIA agent among others, he learned he was a "targeted individual" and "may have been implanted with advanced nanotechnology biomedical devices." As evidence for this, he has acquired his actual medical photos, X-rays, ultrasound and MRI images, which he believes show non-therapeutic tracking and torture devices.

Tiny foreign objects were directly underneath the surgical scars, he noted, adding that he thinks many alien abduction cases may actually be cover-ups for the kind of government experimentation he's gone through. In fact, Bell has reached the startling conclusion that some 50% of Americans have been secretly implanted with RFID technology. He continues to suffer from many effects associated with the targeting, including hearing an electronic noise that changes in pitch and volume, and receiving artificially induced dreams, which he suggests is a clear indication of mind control technology. To counter some of the symptoms, he uses neodymium rare earth magnets, which can disrupt the frequencies of the biomedical trackers, as well as a grounding device against the electronic attacks.

News segment guest: Charlie Bosworth, Mish Shedlock

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