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Brian Bland

Brian Blandpicture


Brian Douglas Bland was born in 1954 in the town of Hamilton, Ontario Canada during the well-documented storm "Hurricane Hazel." He has had a lifelong passion for the game of hockey and specifically the Toronto Maple Leafs. His interest in cryptids and specifically Sasquatch also fermented in his young mind and continues to grow to this day. Now, a keen interest in the possibility and fascination of their existence has turned into a relationship with the very object of that interest.

Things became much clearer and an amazing journey got a serious kick start in early 2012 when Brian was walking his two chihuahua dogs on a popular trail on the local dykes. As he was walking he glanced toward the mountains to his immediate right and felt a strong and undeniable pull. It was a feeling he would grow familiar with moving forward. Something or someone was calling him to the mountains, and to the mountains he went.


Past shows:

Sasquatch Communication / Psychic Profiler

Brian Bland revealed how the Sasquatch communicate (Related Images). Robbie Thomas talked about how he uses his psychic abilities to help law enforcement. More »


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