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Raymond Szymanski is a leading authority on all things paranormal at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. His award-winning book, Fifty Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Beyond, takes you deep inside the Top Secret base that has been linked to government recovered aliens and their crashed spacecraft since the 1947 Roswell incident. Think all reported UFOs are a misidentification of the planet Venus? Think that Men in Black don't exist? Think again!!



Past shows:

Wright-Patterson UFOs / Area 51 Secrets

Raymond Szymanski, a former engineer at Wright-Patterson, shared his UFO research. Followed by Nick Redfern on little known accounts of Area 51. More »

Last Night

Mario Woods and Jeff Goodrich shared UFO experiences from their time in the Air Force and after. Followed by author T.S. Mart, who discussed monsters like the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and lesser-known sky cryptids.

More »


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