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Sasquatch Communication / Psychic Profiler

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Date Host Connie Willis
Guests Brian Bland, Robbie Thomas

Brian Bland joined guest host Connie Willis (YouTube Channel) to discuss his relationship with the Sasquatch and how they communicate with him via thought placement, structures, and a form of stick writing he calls glyphs (Related Images). "I will get a thought pertaining to them or to something big and out there in the universe... I'll get the answer immediately," Bland revealed, noting how the Sasquatch sometimes place a thought into his head to look for a glyph. The glyphs are made from peeled sticks and other forest debris, and they are used as a teaching tool, he added.

"They will make the glyph according to what you think they mean," Bland continued. As an example, he described how the Sasquatch sign glyphs with an "A" which for him is a reference to clan leader Arrrie. Since they are telepathic they can design glyphs based upon what one is thinking, he noted. According to Bland, he has been shown through glyphs that he is part of the Sasquatch family. He compared learning their stick writing to school where students start with the basics and get more complex as they go along. Bland walked though examples of the glyph writing, explaining how Sasquatch utilize it to show them observing him and letting him know with an "X" that he is welcome among them.


During the second half of the program, Robbie Thomas talked about how he uses his psychic abilities to help law enforcement and families find answers to puzzling cases. Thomas admitted he receives requests to work on five or six cases each week. "I'm with the blue line on the front lines going on death scenes and in autopsy photos and actually speaking to suspects with them," he said, noting how he is sometimes used as a police plant to get additional information from suspects.

Thomas detailed his first case from 29 years ago when he saw a black shroud (that only he could see) around a suspect walking in a parking lot. The black shroud indicates a bad person, he noted. Thomas revealed he learned about a robbery and murder of a young boy involving the suspect and his partner while questioning the suspect at his apartment. They got off on a technicality, he reported. Thomas also discussed his work on a high-profile double homicide case in Kentucky where a father and son had apparently burned to death in their trailer. According to Thomas, his efforts led to finding the murder weapon and receiving a taped confession, which was subsequently erased by crooked cops in the local police department.



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