Brit Elders

Brit Elders


Investigative author and documentary filmmaker Brit Elders has traveled the world exploring a variety of topics including the mysterious world of UFOs. She has participated in several in-depth investigations including the unique contact case of the Swiss farmer, Billy Meier,  and the waves of UFO sightings in Mexico, which began in 1991 and continue today. The CEO of, Brit continues to research and write for herself and others.



Past Shows:

  • Billy Meier UFO Case / Akashic Records & Angels

    Author and filmmaker Brit Elders discussed the case of the Swiss farmer Billy Meier, who claims to have met with Pleiadian aliens hundreds of times. Followed by Akashic Records master teacher Amy Robeson.More »

Last Night

Inside the CIA / Rethinking Death
Inside the CIA / Rethinking Death
Analyst J. Michael Waller discussed the history and operation of the CIA and some of its failings. Followed by death doula Alua Arthur on the dying process and our attitudes around it.


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