Billy Meier UFO Case / Akashic Records & Angels

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Billy Meier UFO Case / Akashic Records & Angels

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Investigative author and documentary filmmaker Brit Elders has traveled the world exploring a variety of topics, including the mysterious world of UFOs. She has participated in several in-depth investigations. In the first half, she discussed the unique contact case of the Swiss farmer Billy Meier, who claims to have met with aliens, which he identified as Pleiadeans, hundreds of times. While there has been some questioning of Meier’s contact and photos over the years, Elders told George she knows Meier and believes him to be honest. “I like Billy,” she said. “When we first met him, he was just such a natural, normal person; kind of an earthy man, logical, very kind, and very sensitive to others.” She explained that he would listen carefully to anyone who came to visit him, and answer their questions openly. “He never tried to hide anything,” she continued, adding that she had “a lot of respect” for the work he’s done and “what he’s had to put up with, too,” referring to his naysayers. She also said Meier passed a type of lie detector test related to his contact with aliens – noting that the only question with markers indicating an untruthful answer were related to his coffee consumption, something his wife was trying to get him to curb with little success.

Meier is still in contact with his alien friends today, according to Elders. However, she explained, most of that contact is now in the form of psychic communication rather than direct visitation. She added that metal samples that Meier claims to have procured from his in-person visits with aliens had been analyzed by various scientists, who found that they had unique properties that “didn’t make sense,” according to their reports. Elders’ investigation into the Meier case is no longer ongoing – they completed it after seven years of intensive study – but she believes “the evidence supports his claims for the early set of contacts in the 70s and early 80s,” even though the psychic contact he claims today is harder to substantiate. “There isn’t the physical evidence to document, right now, what’s going on. But, I think it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water… just because the investigation isn’t continuing, and because no more physical evidence is (being collected), that doesn’t mean the case from back in the 70s doesn’t have value.”


In the second half, Akashic Records master teacher Amy Robeson discussed what the Akashic Records are, and how they can support you through your life's journey. She also shared her research on past life regressions, and touched on her experiences with angels and other galactic beings. She explained that she “found the Akashic Records by accident” during a time of “dire need.” She began studying meditation following an injury, as a way to combat depression, and while studying with her meditation teacher, she noted, “that’s when I found the records.” These records, according to Robeson, are “an incident field of possibilities” that include “every word, (and) deep thought,” a person may have “from the moment your soul is accepted.” It’s recorded in what she called, “the Akashic Field” and stored in the Akashic Record where it can then be accessed. After you access it, she claimed it could be used to “ask any sorts of questions about the past, present, or the future.” While you may not get an exact and direct answer to what you are looking for, she said anyone who asks “will receive love and guidance and support from the masters, teachers, and loved ones, also known as the guardians of the record.”

She said the archangel Metatron is the one in charge of recording an individual’s thoughts and experiences into the Akashic Record, which she related to the Bible’s Book of Life. It’s from that record, she explained, that a review will be conducted “when you transition” from one life to another. She claimed that souls continue to transition, and be reborn, until they’ve achieved everything they need. For instance, she explained how she discovered that one of her dogs had been a soldier in a previous life, and very accomplished, but he had never experienced love. That was one of the things he needed to transition to a higher level, and so he came back as a dog to experience pure and unconditional love. She also discussed how souls continue to be reborn in the same “soul families,” which don’t always include rebirth as a biological family member but often as a family friend, teacher, or other significant individual in one’s life.

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