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UFOs & Billy Meier Case / Psychic Vibrations & Astrology

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In the first half, investigative author and documentary filmmaker Brit Elders presented more in-depth information on UFOs and alien contact, including the unique case of Swiss farmer Billy Meier, who claims to have met with the Pleiadians hundreds of times. Meier, now 87, has UFO contacts that date back decades and became well-known for his photographic documentation. Several scientific experts studied the photos, Elders noted, and said they would be unable to duplicate the images, such as with models. In another instance, audio of a spacecraft recorded by Meier, which was criticized as being made by a single synthesizer, was taken to sound analysis experts, and they said, "We couldn't put all the synthesizers we could get in a room and recreate the sound," she recalled. Additionally, Meier passed a Psychological Stress Evaluation test or PSE (similar to a polygraph) that indicated he was telling the truth about his contacts.

She delved into other UFO cases she's researched, including sightings in Mexico that began during an eclipse in 1991. Thousands witnessed flotillas of UFOs in Mexico City in 1993, she stated, and most recently, there was a sighting over the Popcatepetl volcano. Elders also recounted a curious encounter in 1967, when a Dutch engineer, Stefan Denaerde, hit an underwater object with his yacht, and an alien body floated up, killed apparently in the collision. The living aliens telepathically communicated with him and continued this contact for over three years. The humanoid beings were said to have goat-like faces, hail from the planet Yarga, and believed in a mechanical god, she detailed.


Lisa Barretta is an artist, psychic reader, and certified Reiki practitioner. In the latter half, she shared astrological and psychic insights that shed light on these transformative times. We're at the tail end of the Age of Pisces-- a long cycle of living with some illusory aspects, and now we are in the birth canal of moving into the Aquarian Age, she said, adding that this will be a time of increased vibration and intuition. There's a lot of heavy-duty energy from the solar flares that can sometimes correlate with erratic behaviors, as we all have an electromagnetic field around us, she continued.

Barretta noted that our vibrations are shifting, citing an example of how some people don't like to eat meat anymore because they don't like that vibration. "And maybe two years ago, they wanted a good rib eye." In terms of astrology, she learned that if "anybody wants to have any type of surgery or operation, it's best not to have it on a day when the moon is in the sign that rules that part of the body, because the moon fluctuates and changes." This cautionary advice underscores the importance of understanding the moon's influence. Barretta senses there will be a lot of situations and world turmoil between August and October, which will be a kind of "everything all at once" scenario that could distract from the US election. During the last hour, she offered readings to callers that combined her psychic and astrological skills.

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