Trends & Current Events / Benefits of AI & Robotics

Trends & Current Events / Benefits of AI & Robotics


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGerald Celente, Peter Cochrane

Founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, talked about trends in the news, what he sees on the US horizon, and a look ahead to 2021. Regarding the election, he suggested that the negative polling numbers for Trump suppressed voter turnout for him, as those who might have voted for him thought he had no chance. He was critical of how the media handles the COVID story, asserting that they are selling "fear and hysteria," and exaggerate the virus's dangers. Further, in efforts to police and combat the pandemic, politicians have "destroyed the global economy in ways that are unimaginable," Celente maintained. He also expressed concern over what he suspects will be a "mandatory" vaccine policy.

Looking ahead to 2021, he foresees a worldwide depression, along with protests and disruptions, fueled by people's poor economic outlook. One trend he predicts is a focus on health and well-being, with individuals focusing on getting in good shape-- physically, emotionally, and spiritually to face the challenges of a changed world. Celente also believes we'll be looking at inflation occurring across the globe as currencies become devalued. China, the European Central Bank, and other financial institutions may be introducing their own digital currency, he added. There's an effort to push down the price of gold and silver, he reported, but silver is used in many "green" technologies, which will keep its price on the rise.


Professor of sentient systems at the University of Suffolk, Peter Cochrane has been researching AI (artificial intelligence) and how the human brain functions for over 40 years. In the latter half, he addressed concerns people have regarding AI and robotics and why he believes that the human race will not survive without this technology. In America, the populace has been conditioned to fear AI through representation in entertainment and Hollywood films (such as The Terminator series) and this has created a kind of unwarranted paranoia about the technology, he stated. Scientists, he argued, deeply care about humanity's welfare, and their goal is to use AI to solve problems for such things as food, transportation, and clothing.

He referred to the current state of AI as "Industry 4.0," in which the creation of materials and medicines helps us become a sustainable society in a symbiotic relationship with the planet for the first time. We must provide a reasonable standard of living for the world in order to achieve peace and stability, he pointed out. In the case of something like robots to assist the elderly, as the AI advances, the machines will have more sensory abilities. This will increase their awareness, and contribute to the notion that they are sentient and empathetic, Cochrane outlined.

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