Silencing Online Speech/ Christian Prophecy

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Silencing Online Speech/ Christian Prophecy

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In the first half, documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist, Alex Jones discussed why he believes he's been a victim of tech giants silencing online speech, and how mainstream journalists have misrepresented his commentary. Regarding the Sandy Hook conspiracy, Jones claimed that he only brought it up on a few occasions on his show and was playing "devil's advocate" rather than completely condoning the idea that the children's deaths had been faked or staged in the 2012 Connecticut school shooting. In the 2016 presidential race, Jones suggested that the Clinton campaign perceived him as Trump's right-hand man, and subsequently ran $18 million worth of ads "editing what I said about Sandy Hook" and taking his remarks out-of-context to perturb Democrats, and denigrate Trump.

Regarding his recent ban by major tech companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and Apple, which dropped his podcasts and videos, "they picked me because I'm an easy target," Jones remarked. "They demonized me for a year, and now they're using me as domino #1," he cited. "All these mainline conservatives have been banned off Twitter, banned off YouTube, banned off Facebook...what I'm telling you is this is a huge alarm-- the first amendment is under attack. I am not that important, they have only used me as the front guy," he continued. Jones noted that the tech companies billed themselves as public commons but have turned into monopolies of almost total Internet control. "And now," he lamented, they're going after anybody they disagree with and "blocking or freezing their accounts."


Christian author, speaker, and teacher Tim Cohen has researched and written prophetic and theological works. In the latter half, he outlined how current events are tying in with biblical prophecy including possible wars with North Korea and Iran. The imagery of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse includes the description of a rider on a fiery red horse with a sword that will take a piece of the Earth. Such a red horse, he pointed out, is effectively the national symbol of North Korea, and is pictured in downtown Pyongyang. In addition to separate conflicts with North Korea and Iran, he sees a possible nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India.

Such a nuclear war could so damage the planet's ecological balance that worldwide starvation might be the result, connecting to the prophecy of famine of the second seal of the Apocalypse. Speaking of the Antichrist as a counterfeit Christ, he noted that while there are many such people throughout history that fit that description, Prince Charles meets more of the criteria today. And, he "asked God to show me" who was being referred to as the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation, and it was Charles who was revealed to him. The British monarchy has a long history of the occult, he added. Cohen also has an interest in exobiology finds on Mars, and will be participating in the Mars Anomaly Research Conference in September.

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