Dan Harary

Dan Harary


Born and raised just outside of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Dan Harary is a man of many talents. While best known for his 40-plus years of work in Hollywood as an entertainment industry publicist and owner of the boutique Asbury PR Agency in Beverly Hills, he is also the author of four books. In addition, he was a professional drummer as a youngster, and performed stand-up comedy at LA’s top comedy houses during the late ‘90s/early 2000’s, and has been a UFO experiencer.



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Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Financial analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed the world's current financial situation and how it reflects prophecy found in the Bible. Followed by activist Dane Wigington, who spoke about how geoengineering harms the environment.


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