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Paranormal Experiences / Contact with Sky People

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Author, publicist, and former stand-up comic Dan Harary is also a UFO experiencer. In the first half, he discussed his UFO sightings and many paranormal experiences, including seeing a gargoyle creature, contacts with ghosts, angelic and disembodied voices, and premonitions that came true. He spoke about his role as the Director of Media Relations for the just concluded Contact in the Desert conference, as well as his involvement in the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, which he formed with UFO activist Stephen Bassett to educate and inform about UAP/ET issues, and host related events.

He recounted one of his earliest paranormal experiences, when, as a five-year-old in Neptune, NJ, he climbed to the top of a billboard sign but then lost his grip and fell off. The next thing he knew, he was on a couch in a strange home and saw a 7-ft.-tall gargoyle creature with the face of a bull. The entity snorted at him and then vanished. Though scary to look at, gargoyles are said to serve a protective function, and he believes it may have saved his life. Harary also recalled messages from beyond the grave from his father, including the time he heard his voice informing him that his wife (Harary's stepmother) had changed the will as he was dying of dementia. He also touched on his newly published novella, "Five," in which a famous rock star has a double life as a serial killer, amid supernatural elements.


Dan Baldwin has used his skills as a pendulum dowser for more than fifteen years to locate missing persons. In the latter half, he was joined by ufologist George Sewell to share their pendulum research into a UFO abduction, and how they engaged with spirits and evolved entities who had contact with the "Sky People." Baldwin explained that the pendulum is simply a rock on a string, swinging right for Yes, and swinging left for No when questions are proposed. It can be thought of as a tool like the Tarot. "While your conscious mind is looking at this weight on a string, your subconscious mind is freed up, and that's where all the magic happens, and your subconscious is able to contact what the medieval bards would call the other world," he said.

Baldwin and Sewell used the pendulum to explore Native American accounts of their interactions with "Sky People" over thousands of years. Sewell noted that though they focused on numerous mound-builder cultures in different locations across the US, they all seemed to be interacting with the same Sky People, who reportedly came from a non-physical dimension of the Sirius star system. The Sky People arrived in what we would think of as a UFO and would land near a village, and generally, the chief or the shaman would interact with them, Sewell continued, with Baldwin adding that the aliens were described as similar to the "Nordics"-- tall, blue-eyed blonde humanoids. Sewell & Baldwin used the pendulum to investigate the UFO abduction of a woman named Lindsey Higgins, and the Grey aliens claimed that Lindsey had agreed to go through this experience during a past life.

During the last half-hour, George featured an excerpt from his interview with UFO historian Richard Dolan from 5/26/21.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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