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Cryptozoology, Nessie, & Medical Rx / UFO Sightings

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Steve Alten is the best-selling author of fifteen novels, including the MEG series and the DOMAIN series, about the Mayan doomsday calendar. In the first half, he discussed his writing career, cryptozoological creatures like the Loch Ness monster, and his battle with cancer and Parkinson's disease along with new protocols to treat them. His MEG series of novels (now available as the seven-volume collector's edition, Legacy) explores the idea that a monstrous prehistoric shark, the megalodon, still swims deep in the Mariana Trench. In 2018, the motion picture The MEG opened in theaters and became a #1 blockbuster at the box office, both foreign and domestic, grossing over $560 million, though it was a long journey to get it to the screen, said Alton. The sequel MEG-2: The TRENCH opens in theaters this summer on August 4.

Alten, who has also written novels about the Loch Ness monster, has postulated that the creature is actually a giant eel, some 35 to 45 feet across, which migrated across the Atlantic Ocean from the Sargasso Sea but became trapped in the Loch and continued to grow in size. Alten also addressed his long-term medical struggles and said that certain natural herbal extracts can be helpful for combating tremors from Parkinson's. Regarding cancer, he is a strong advocate for the GC Protocol, developed by Dr. John Grinstein, a biochemist whose area of expertise has focused on the medicinal properties found in certain organic fruits and vegetables.


Author, entertainment industry publicist, and former stand-up comic Dan Harary is also a UFO experiencer. In the latter half, he spoke about his fascination with UFOs, his UFO sightings, and his new alien-themed sci-fi novel, After They Came. Harary's father worked for the military for 45 years, and in 1951 he told his wife he was taken deep into a top-secret vault at Fort Monmouth Army Base. His father appeared visibly shaken but would not reveal more as he was sworn to secrecy. Later, in 1970 when Harary and his Dad witnessed a UFO, his father was oddly nonchalant about the incident.

Harary said his most profound sighting took place in July 2008 at James Gilliland's ranch, where he saw a 50-60 ft.-wide black teardrop-shaped craft fly overhead and emit a bright emerald green light that seemed to be signaling the onlookers. He commented on recent UAP incidents and suggested that some of the craft that the US shot down after the Chinese balloon were not other balloons but possibly originated from off-world. Harary also shared celebrity stories, including befriending the actress Dee Wallace (from the movie ET) and meeting director Steven Spielberg.

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