David Edward

David Edward


David Edward served as a Special Agent in the US Army in the 1980's and 1990's and is a veteran of multiple overseas combat tours. He was the Special Agent in Charge of the 1990 Panama Canal counter-terrorism threat assessment report to the US Congress. He is a graduate of the United States Army Intelligence School where he studied advanced HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and battlefield counterintelligence; also completing training at the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama, Central America. He holds advanced degrees in engineering, including a doctorate in engineering, three related M.Sc. degrees (MBA, MSIT, MSIM), and has an undergraduate degree in business (BSBA).



Past Shows:

  • Illuminati Agenda / Locating Atlantis

    Researcher Isaac Weishaupt revealed what he has uncovered about the Illuminati, UFOs, and the occult. In the second half of the program, historian David Edward shared his research on where he believes was the true physical location of Atlantis.More »
  • Astrological Insights / Finding Atlantis

    Astrologer Mark Lerner shared insights on planetary alignments. Followed by author and historian David Edward on his research into the location of ancient Atlantis.More »

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