Illuminati Agenda / Locating Atlantis

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Illuminati Agenda / Locating Atlantis

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Researcher Isaac Weishaupt hosts the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture podcast. His ongoing mission is to determine if this reality is the truth or a cunning holographic deception. Weishaupt joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to present his contention that there is an Illuminati agenda to steer humanity down a path of Luciferianism by inserting symbolism that speaks to, and manipulates our subconscious minds. "I'm trying to figure out the truth, and I haven't found it yet," Weishaupt said, noting his research into occult philosophy must also accommodate his Greek Orthodox faith.

"These people, these architects of society or high-ups in the entertainment industry, they are trying to conduct magic on a certain level and trying to create a reality of their own," he revealed. Weishaupt defined 'occult' as an umbrella term for a variety of secret doctrines that have been hidden from the masses and passed down through secret societies. These philosophies are based on a Luciferian system and presented in pop culture and entertainment, he continued. Weishaupt said he was concerned about the rebranding of UFO to UAP and suggested it amounts to a spiritual battle. He also spoke about occultist Aleister Crowley, who he claimed summoned the first grey alien.


Author and historian David Edward is a retired special agent from the U.S. Army and holds advanced degrees in engineering. In the second half of the program, Edward shared his research on where he believes was the true physical location of Atlantis with new information he has uncovered. Edward explained his research approach, which involved examining the established data about Atlantis while discarding the established conclusions. "We've all fallen, and continue to fall, for the standard Atlantis pitch," he said. Edward revealed he has also been able to map out details about the Atlantean kingdom and its technological progression.

Edward credited amateur researcher Jim Corsetti with working out a highly probable location for Atlantis, and described his own theory as a harmonious answer that fits Plato's description as well as existing data. According to Edward, the lost city of Atlantis was located at the Eye of the Sahara, also known as the Richat Structure, in Mauritania. A key dimension from the Dialogues of Plato notes the fabled city was 3,000 stadia from the sea on a gentle slope. That distance is about 345 miles and matches precisely with how far the Richat Structure is from the ocean. Edward expressed concern about possible artifacts being destroyed by strip mining in the area.

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