Mysteries of the Old World / Contact with Humanoids

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Mysteries of the Old World / Contact with Humanoids

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Authors Jon Levi and David Edward have written a re-examination of historical architecture and urban landscapes, challenging conventional wisdom through rigorous academic scrutiny. They joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) in the first half of Saturday's program to discuss how utilizing multidisciplinary insights, they have unraveled hidden complexities in history, providing a compelling avenue for us to think critically, to question deeply entrenched beliefs, and to engage in the reevaluation of a history long considered settled.

"There's a lot of discrepancies for the stories that we just kind of take for granted... there's a lot more to our history," Levi said, noting there were elaborate civilizations located where America's important cities were built. According to Levi, early maps and photos of the San Francisco area clearly show structures there before the city was even built. A map from 1587 shows a city where San Francisco now sits though the area wasn't 'discovered' until 1769, Edward added. "In the earliest photographs of San Francisco the city looks old - it looks like a 200-year-old city," Levi continued, pointing out there were brick buildings before there were brick manufactures to build them.

Edward read a story from an article written in 1858 which talked about the ruins of ancient cities in America. If you dig into older history, it becomes clear that whatever happened did not happen in the order it is presented in widely accepted historical narratives, he explained. One has only to look at maps from the 1500s and 1600s to find areas populated with cities in places where modern cities are today. "There's definitely a story against the North American history that we're given... something is out of order," Edward said.


Researcher Preston Dennett presents twenty new, original, and unpublished accounts of people who have had face-to-face contact with humanoids in his new book. In it, Dennett talks about the diversity of entities: grays, human-looking ETs, mantids, reptilians, strange humanoids, angels, nature spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, demons, bigfoot, and supernatural entities of all kinds. In the latter half of the show, Dennett report on cases including sightings, landings, and onboard UFO encounters, with physical evidence: electromagnetic effects, physiological reactions, landing traces and more.

"The contact experience is much more varied than a lot of people realize, and coming with it are a wide range of paranormal events," Dennett reported, noting contactees will almost always experience paranormal events like astral projection, precognition, healing, and levitation. He shared details from a case in Puerto Rico where a man claimed to have photographic evidence of a UFO landing trace. "The photographs clearly shows a perfect ring of grass in his backyard about six feet in diameter... it's clearly unusual," Dennett said.

He also delved into a case of a pilot in Argentina with no prior history of UFO encounters. The pilot had hear about UFO sightings in the area and drove an hour away from the city lights but did not see anything. That night, however, he awakened to someone calling out his name, jumped out of and ran to the window to find a UFO flying through the sky. "A couple months later he was in his bedroom, woke up to the room filling with light and there were two entities," Dennett disclosed. The humanoids were 5.5 and 6.5 feet tall, adorned in green jumpsuits and told him not to be afraid. The pilot felt what he described as a wave of love come from them. They told him they had come to heal him and gave him a pill, Dennett added.

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