Ken Druck

Ken Druck


Ken Druck, Ph.D. is a leading mental health expert focused on the areas of civility, relationships, and aging. He writes regularly for the national press and is the author of several books including, Raising an Aging Parent, Courageous Aging, and The Real Rules of Life. Dr. Druck's pioneering work over the past 40 years, has included executive coaching/consulting, visionary leadership, the psychology of men, parent effectiveness, healing after loss, resilience and, most recently, courageous aging. 



Past Shows:

  • Cognitive Movement / Clearing the Path

    Bill McKenna and Liz Larson talked about Cognomovement, their cognitive movement tool designed to address issues, eliminate blocks, and dissolve unwanted patterns. Followed by Dr. Ken Druck, who shared the key to clearing the path to our best possible future.More »
  • Conscious Evolution / Grieving and Loss

    In the first half, visionary author Barbara Marx Hubbard discussed the coming planetary renaissance that she's heralded for decades-- a conscious evolution in which we become "co-creators" of our destiny. In the latter half, Dr. Ken Druck, a pioneer in personal...More »

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