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Parker Duvall, 50 year old Kentucky native, normal hard-working, honest, God fearing, country boy, has appeared on History Channel, BBC, and various radio and news outlets per TV and Internet discussing the "Dogman" phenomenon. He has traveled all across Kentucky-east/west and north/south at all hours of the night for many years. He has been blessed to experience "things" and has learned many of the Universe’s teachings. He has walked with the Bigfoot People and Dogman People in Kentucky over the past few years.

He claims he can "connect" with them and has learned the "spirit world" is very real through a Native American "teacher" he calls Sister. One of these "spirit beings" is a 9' tall Dogman he calls Rawjer. Duvall says he recently learned that Rawjer is his "spirit teacher" and passes with him through each life.

Past shows:

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Last Night

Professor Michael R. Rampino updated his latest findings on the Earth's "pulse" and catastrophes. Followed by author Bruce Olav Solheim on Anzar, an ancient alien mystic.

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