Prehistoric High-Tech / Schumann Resonance

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Prehistoric High-Tech / Schumann Resonance

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In the first half, Jared Murphy, researcher of ancient technologies and lost history, spoke with Richard Syrett (Twitter) about his view that primitive societies around the world, many now underwater or underground, were much more high-tech than stereotypes would suggest. Moreover, Murphy argued, the intelligence and ingenuity of early humans alone were the source of remarkable early high-tech—not that of visiting aliens as some believe.

Murphy cited a number of examples of advanced prehistoric technology he's discovered through his research. Highly sophisticated agricultural engineering, for instance, produced terra preta, an extremely complex, nutritious, and productive soil. Precisely manufactured stone spheres, complex wooden architecture, and earthquake management were also among the achievements of the era. More impressive still was the "massive scalar weaponry" Murphy described, as well as the voluntary control of autonomic brain functioning and immune systems he said early humans had.

Although a lack of more complete original documentation makes a deeper understanding challenging, Murphy lays part of the blame for our distorted understanding of primitive societies on the prejudices and elitism found in the academic community. While there's a wealth of opportunity for those who want to research early high tech, he asserted, more attention is given to "sexier" aspects of lost societies, such as works of sculpture that can be pieced together and displayed in museums.


In the latter half, academic and historian David Elkington explained that the Earth resonates at an extremely low frequency known as the Schumann Resonance, which precisely corresponds with the human brain’s alpha wave frequencies. These frequencies control when we enter into and come out of sleep, as well as states of deep meditation, inspiration, and problem-solving. In Elkington's view, "tuning in" to this shared frequency hasn't just enhanced the human experience—it's central to our evolution as a species. In fact, he related, all of life can be seen to be rooted in vibration.

The aural connection isn't limited to the Earth and human mental processes, Elkington stated: it extends to buildings, culture, and language itself. He noted, for example, that those structures found to have resonated with the chants and songs of early human societies became sacred sites. Among the most amazing things about the power of universal resonance, Elkington said, is that experiments confirm a clear link between vibration and imagery and language. When particles were exposed to different natural frequencies, they arrange themselves into cymatics, visible depictions of vibrations taking the shape of pictorial images or even written language, he reported.

Elkington also spoke with listeners who called in with their questions and comments. He agreed with a California caller who expressed her opposition to the emission of extreme sound frequencies by governments and industry; he also advised a caller from Illinois that it was possible to direct resonances to locations outside of where they naturally occur.

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