Darren Evans

Darren Evans


Paranormal researcher Darren Evans is an expert on the entity known as Zozo that hundreds of people across the world have reported contact with through the Ouija board and other methods.



Past Shows:

  • Zozo & Ouija Boards/ Open Lines

    Leading paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed how unsuspecting users of spirit boards have been pestered and attacked by a malevolent entity that calls itself Zozo. Paranormal researcher Darren Evans joined the conversation to share what learned about Zozo since...More »
  • Ouija Board & Zozo Phenomena

    Ouija Board historian Robert Murch and Zozologist Darren Evans joined Dave Schrader (email) for the entire program to discuss the history of the Ouija Board, Zozo phenomena, and strange cases where crimes have been committed as a result of using the Ouija.More »