Ouija Board & Zozo Phenomena

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Ouija Board & Zozo Phenomena

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Ouija Board historian Robert Murch and Zozologist Darren Evans joined Dave Schrader (email) for the entire program to discuss the history of the Ouija Board, Zozo phenomena, and strange cases where crimes have been committed as a result of using the Ouija. Murch traced the Ouija Board to the talking board developed in Ohio in 1886. The planchette came out of France in the 1850s and existed as a separate device used for auto writing sessions, he noted.

The name "Ouija" came from the board itself when asked by its manufacturers what it wanted to be called, Murch revealed, adding it was an ancient Egyptian word meaning "good luck." Evans recalled his experiences contacting an entity known as Zozo with a double-sided Ouija Board he found under his girlfriend's house. "It would often pretend to be something that it wasn't," he said, noting an instance when Zozo masqueraded as the deceased former singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott.

According to Evans, Zozo changes personalities when it gets bored, uses fear as a tactic against board participants, and causes the planchette to move erratically in tight spirals and figure eight patterns. Evans read an email he received from the mother of a young girl who attempted to contact Zozo and had her life adversely affected by the experience. He suggested Zozo is a demon and contacting it through the Ouija Board could ultimately result in a harmful attachment.

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