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Richard Gordon

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Richard Gordon is the author of two best sellers, as well as the founder and author of Quantum-Touch. His work is now being practiced in over 50 countries around the world and over the last 30 years he has personally taught over 15,000 people who are now able to do the work. He has lectured and taught at universities, foundations, and chiropractic colleges.



Past shows:

9-11 Theories/ Energy Healing

Architect Richard Gage contended that controlled demolitions brought down the WTC towers on 9-11. Followed by Richard Gordon on energy healing techniques. More »

UFOs, Mars, Bat Deaths, & Red Rain

Linda Moulton Howe discussed bat death syndrome, mysterious aerial patterns, Martian hot springs, and red rain cells in India. First hour guest Richard Gordon talked about "Quantum Touch" healing. More »


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