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Guardian Angels / Law of Attraction

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Healer, medium and speaker, Robbie Holz is an author of books on Aboriginal healing principles, quantum physics, and psycho-neuro-immunology -- using the mind to heal the body. In the first half, she discussed her latest work on the angel realm and how to connect with guardian angels, as well as Aboriginal healing traditions and wisdom. She first became aware of angelic guides through her late husband, Dr. Gary Holz, who had an experience with them in the Australian Outback while learning from the Aboriginal tribespeople. Angels are always with us and want to help us, she said, but we have to reach out and ask for their assistance. Yet, their help may not appear in the form we request, she explained, as the angels are governed by certain natural laws they have to abide by. "They're going to respond according to the highest good of all and your soul's intention," she continued, adding that if you request to win the lottery, that likely won't happen, but they may help you in finding abundance in other ways.

Interestingly, she believes that angels want us to ask for help as that enables them to grow because they're serving out of tremendous love in a kind of "beautiful symbiotic relationship" with us. She noted that the Outback Aboriginals are the oldest continuous culture on the planet-- dating back 60,000 years-- and they passed healing modalities on verbally to her husband Gary, who, upon his return, published the information in a book and became a "humble conduit" for healing energy. Robbie, who made the journey to the Outback herself some years after her husband, characterized the Aboriginals as leading a "5th-dimensional" existence acting under a higher frequency and showing us an advanced way to live and heal.


Richard Gordon is a visionary and a pioneer with 35 years of experience in the field of energy medicine. His books have been translated into 17 languages. In the latter half, he spoke about his new work on the Law of Attraction and how challenging one's mindset can be the first step toward effortless manifestations. He defined the Law of Attraction as "the ability to resonate a frequency of consciousness or energy...and then have the universe provide you want you want." But the problematic way it's often taught "is kind of like looking through the wrong end of the telescope," with so many people struggling and failing with it. Imagining you already have what you want and living as if that's already true is really just a form of lying to yourself, he remarked. Further, the act of living "as if" with things like vision boards and affirmations inhibits the simple flow of allowing.

Gordon presented an exercise in how to work with his version of the Law of Attraction: Think of a possible future for yourself and pick it out like from a deck of cards, "and pull it towards yourself and see yourself in that future where you're having what you want...I want you to just start sending a little bit of love to that future...Maybe feel the relief of having that future happen to you, and as you love that future, let that future get a little closer to you." You can make that future brighter or more energized with color and sound, he continued, and by imbuing your desired future with energy, you can make it real. "See if you can feel that future loving you back...if it doesn't seem possible, you're not ready for it yet...But if you can receive the love from that future," he outlined, then you're being prepared to be a vibrational match with your desired outcome. Such an exercise can be briefly practiced 10-15 times a day, he detailed.

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