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Angelic Influence / Miraculous Tales

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In the first half of our live Christmas night show, author and spiritual advisor Joan of Angels talked about the extraordinary power of angels and how they can heal and uplift us as the world grapples with challenges and continued global conflicts. With a background as a chiropractic doctor and counselor, her career took a turn in 2013, when she began channeling angelic beings after making paintings of 33 angels in just 30 days. The channeled energy comes through both her painting and speaking, she explained. Joan believes angels are here to help us discover our true soul purpose. "When you open up to angels, it can change your entire life. You can literally step into the miraculous," she mused. 

She shared her concept of "wing fluffing," which involves visualizing that you have wings growing from your scapula (shoulder blade) as a way to bring within you the presence of the divine, and then carry it with you wherever you go. "Not all angels have wings," Joan revealed, such as the angel Metatron, whom she witnessed on one occasion and then painted. Many of us are "undercover angels," she continued, humans who are tuned into an angelic frequency or have connections to the higher realms. We can call on different types of angels to help us with our goals-- such as abundance, manifestation, healing, and relationships, she detailed. These specific angels then "stay with us for the time necessary for us to reach that next level." 


In the latter half, bestselling author Catherine Lanigan shared stories of miraculous occurrences in her life and others and how these events can positively shape our belief systems. She has interviewed hundreds of people over the past 20+ years and chronicled their near-death experiences, visions, and face-to-face meetings with angels. One account she shared involved her 10-year-old son Ryan, who was hit by a Ford Bronco when riding his bicycle in their neighborhood. The bike was completely mangled under the large vehicle, but Ryan was totally uninjured-- not even scratched, even though the driver said she'd collided into him. "Mom, something picked me up and just put me over here on the curb," he told her.

Lanigan has concluded that having a positive attitude and staying in the present (not doting on the past or future) can make it more likely for miracles to occur in a person's life. Concentrating on "just this moment, just this feeling of this breath" allows for the divine to come into your consciousness, and be "raised to a level where you can even get even more messages or you can go to another dimension," she said. Lanigan described manifestation as truly being able to envision something. Her mother always said, 'I don't just believe in miracles; I expect them.' And not only did she expect them, but she lived as if they had already happened, Lanigan explained, adding that that was a key for bringing in the miraculous.

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