Will Hart

Will Hart


Will Hart is a journalist, nature photographer, filmmaker and author. He has a deep and abiding interest in natural and human history. Hart's work has been published in Wild West, Sierra Heritage, Adventure West, Nexus and New Dawn. His articles have appeared in every issue of Atlantis Rising for the past two years and he has just agreed to write a column for New Dawn.



Past Shows:

  • 2023 Numerology / Atlantis & UFOs

    Numerologist Glynis McCants talked about the out-of-control weather so far in 2023, and what's in store for the year. Followed by author Will Hart on UFOs, ancient mysteries, and Atlantis.More »
  • Manson Murders / Survivors of Atlantis

    Journalist Tom O'Neill shared revelations about the Manson murders. Followed by author Will Hart on ancient gods and Atlantis.More »
  • Voting Machines/ ET Ancestors

    Founder of Black Box Voting, Bev Harris, talked about hackers and voting machines. Followed by Will Hart, sharing evidence for ET intervention.More »
  • Stargazing/ ET Hypothesis

    Mark Thompson discussed his research on deep space, and study of stars and black holes. Followed by Will Hart with evidence that Earth was seeded by ETs.More »
  • Atlantis Connections

    Journalist and author Will Hart shared his insights into uncovering our cosmic ancestry and connections to Atlantis. The focus should not be on finding Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean, but rather in tracing its influence which is spread out across a number of civilizations,...More »
  • Cosmic Ancestry

    "History is our identity," said journalist Will Hart, who shared his insights into uncovering our cosmic ancestry. Combining Francis Crick's theory of Directed Panspermia with the concept of ancient astronauts, Hart contends that in the past, an ET race bio-engineered modern...More »

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