Isaac Weishaupt

Isaac Weishaupt


Isaac Weishaupt is the founder of and host of the "Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture" podcast. He’s been researching his entire life as an ongoing mission to determine if this reality is the truth or a cunning holographic deception.



Past Shows:

  • Illuminati Agenda / Locating Atlantis

    Researcher Isaac Weishaupt revealed what he has uncovered about the Illuminati, UFOs, and the occult. In the second half of the program, historian David Edward shared his research on where he believes was the true physical location of Atlantis.More »

Last Night

Traumatic Brain Injury / The Crystal Caves
Traumatic Brain Injury / The Crystal Caves
Dr. David W. Smith detailed his study of Traumatic Brain Injury and his inventions to prevent and treat the condition. Followed by Cheryll Jones' interview with gemologist Leela Hutchison on Mexico's Crystal Caves.


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