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Jeff Goodrich is originally from Lawrence, MI and joined the Air Force in 1977 as a Missile Maintenance Technician. He was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, SD, from 1978 to 1994. He then transferred to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT and retired from the Air Force in 1997 as a Technical Sergeant. He has had a strong interest in the subject of UFOs from a very early age. He has had a number of UFO sighting over the years and is, quite possibly a life-long experiencer. He has studied the phenomena over the years in an effort to fully understand his experiences. He is a witness and experiencer in what is now known as the Ellsworth UFO Case.

Past shows:

Air Force UFO Cases / Sky Monsters

Mario Woods and Jeff Goodrich shared UFO experiences from their time in the Air Force and after. Followed by author T.S. Mart, who discussed monsters like the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and lesser-known sky cryptids. More »

Last Night

Illinois MUFON Director Sam Maranto, along with witness and investigator T.J. Japcon, discussed the Tinley Park UFO sighting, which involved a trio of color-shifting orbs that moved across the horizon before a crowd of witnesses. Open Lines followed.

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