Jeremy Kagan

Jeremy Kagan


Jeremy Kagan is an internationally recognized director, writer, and producer of feature films and television and a tenured professor of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. In addition to teaching graduate courses at USC, Kagan created the Change Making Media Lab, which specializes in developing and creating Entertainment Education (EE) that emphasizes the values of narrative dramas and comedies to successfully motivate behavior change. He has just finished shooting his 11th feature film, Shot, about gun violence in America.

Kagan has served as the Artistic Director of Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute and is Chairperson of Special Projects for the Directors Guild of America. He is author of Directors Close Up Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, as well as soon-to-be published interactive eTextbook Keys To Directing. A Graduate Fellow of the American Film Institute, Kagan earned his master of fine arts from New York University and his bachelor of arts from Harvard University.



Past Shows:

  • NDE & Roswell/ Soul Contracts

    Jeremy Kagan recalled his NDE and discussed his film about gun violence. Lisa Barnett showed how to heal fears and trauma using the Akashic Records.More »
  • Mandela Effect/ Film Making

    Roy Horne talked about his study of the Mandela Effect. Followed by Jeremy Kagan on his film making career and NDE.More »

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