Mandela Effect/ Film Making

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Mandela Effect/ Film Making

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In the first half, author and researcher Roy Horne joined Richard Syrett to talk about his study of the Mandela Effect, an unexplained phenomenon that you may have experienced: those curious instances in which you are sure you remember something in a particular way, but it turns out to be different. The instance in which the effect is named after concerns a shared memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison rather than being released and eventually becoming South Africa's president. Are we misremembering events or has something shifted on the timeline?

Horne cited other instances such as people recalling Oscar Mayer spelled as Oscar Meyer, including a distinct memory of their jingle spelling out M-E-Y-E-R. He also pointed out descriptions in the King James version of the Bible that have changed, including a passage about the lion and the lamb, that is now the wolf and the lamb.


In the latter half, Professor Jeremy Kagan discussed his career in film making, his thoughts on Roswell, and his new film "Shot" about gun violence, as well as his near-death experience (NDE) which happened to him in the 1990s. His current film stars Noah Wylie as a gunshot victim, and portrays what happens to him after being wounded. Kagan believes the US should have stronger background checks in gun sales and do more to staunch illegal sales. Serving as a director on the classic TV show, Columbo, he talked about what a delight it was to work with Peter Falk.

As the director of the 1994 Showtime film Roswell starring Kyle MacLachlan, he sought to look at the question of whether humans are alone in the universe, as well secrecy and power. Kagan said his NDE occurred after being inside a sweat lodge and his body started shutting down. At first he perceived himself as being in an absolute hell, but when he realized this was his own conception, the experience shifted into a more classic NDE with a tunnel, and a heavenly scenario. He concluded that both the hell and heaven experiences were illusions of his own creation.

Hurricane Irma

During the beginning of each hour, three guests talked about the effects of Hurricane Irma. Podcaster/wrestler Chris Jericho reported from his home near Tampa, where he was experiencing less serious effects than predicted. At the start of the second hour, researcher Stan Deyo suggested that the very active hurricane season is related to the sun and its increased heat. Dr. Tim Ball commented on the media hype and politicization of weather events (hours 3 + 4).

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